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Pseudohistory is dangerous

Purple is the team colour for this international globalist insurgency to bring in Agenda 2030/the Great Reset: :

Pseudohistory and UN-designed native collective land title for UN tyranny

The Government funded lies as a device to control us. Millions of dollars have been spent on proven liar, fake claimer Bruce Pascoe's pseudohistory.

Pascoe's pseudohistory is an integral part of the agenda that is being put forward to change Australian history to bring about Agenda 2030/neo-feudalism. Using pseudohistory and UN-designed native collective land title.

This UN-designed collective native title will cover 80% of Australia by 2030.1

This UN collective land title cannot be owned by any Australian. It is controlled by corrupt land councils that are under the control of 300,000 fake claimer 5th Column subversives led by Pascoe, who is taking over the land. 2

To bring UN global governance into Australia. They were planning to shut down our country using sacred site hoaxes/false flag events as the device. Pascoe must erase my Australian hunter-gatherer ancestors for this to happen.

This is hard to come to terms with. However, the factual evidence is UN-deniable.

Let us never forget, the UNi-party of the Canberra swamp is responsible for the creation of the Juukan sacred shite hoax. A false flag event, which was used to impose UN tyrannical laws to put us in ghetto archipelago UN smart cities. So their ruling class handlers drooling over our vast natural resources, can pick up the spoils of our collapse.3

Using an Orwellian misinformation law, the UNi-party of the Canberra swamp is attempting to silence us. They claim that they are protecting us from misinformation for our own good.

Yet in reality, they are the ones lying.

Let us not forget, the UNi-party is responsible for the Juukan sacred shite hoax. A false flag event, which was used to impose UN tyrannical laws to put us in ghetto archipelago UN smart cities. So their ruling class handlers drooling over our vast natural resources, can pick up the spoils of our collapse.4

Their lies have undermined Australians.

The lies are continuing.

Bruce Pascoe won a Walkley Award for Best Documentary last month. Pascoe is from the ruling class pretending to be an Aboriginal person.5

Pascoe's English ruling class background is not the only reason why they are not giving up on Pascoe's lies.

Look at the map here and download related news articles attached to the dates:

Blackmail compromised them

There must be some reason why our government is funding dangerous pseudohistory. As a matter of fact, blackmail is the only plausible explanation.

There is blackmail. The blackmailers are part of a 5th Column subversive cult.6 They are closely linked to Pascoe. There is a very powerful criminal conspiracy to protect Pascoe and his lies. I have been attacked by these blackmailer subversive cultists for calling out fake claimer Bruce Pascoe.

This cult is led by fake claimer Mark McMurtrie, who appears to be Pascoe’s relative.7 Fake claimer McMurtrie has addressed the United Nations pretending to be an Aboriginal Australian. In his speech he demanded the UN invade Australia in response to our desecration of Juukan-type sacred sites/hoaxes/false flags. What a coincidence. By this, we can see the Juukan sacred shite hoax was premeditated. McMurtrie knew the plan. So he had to big-note himself. He gave it away.

McMurtrie is as unstable as he is disturbed. After all, Mark is recorded as saying he wants every Australian to rot in the ground.

For many decades, McMurtrie claims to hold more than 4 filing cabinets of blackmail material on our compromised political class. This is how they have gotten control of Australia to erase our history and worse.8

I worked it out: by becoming a hunter, not the prey

For about 3 years fake claimer Mark McMurtrie and his cult have attacked me. The big lie media has spread lies about me for outing fake claimer Bruce Pascoe. They wanted to silence my voice for trying to protect my people, the Australian people.9

Even though they tried. It did not work. It made me hungry for justice. Determined to push through any pain. I knew I was in the position, to do it. I took control. So I shook their cages. I got right up into their grill. Into their faces. So to speak, for more than 3 years. I have been relentless. This is how we win. It works if you work it. They freaked out and showed their positions. Their hubris has outed them.

I became a hunter instead of their prey. I compiled all their counterattacks and weak attempts at silencing me. I took hundreds of screenshots. I conducted hours and hours of interviews with insiders. They sent me emails and text messages. Then they tried to call me. All incriminating evidence. I completed thousands of hours of research. To UN-wrap who our enemies are and where the threat is coming from. I know now that the ruling class funds all forms of ideological subversion.

I honestly had no idea cults existed. However, it is clear from the collected direct source evidence, this threat is led by a Nazi cult.

Pseudohistory is dangerous

It is worth noting that pseudohistory, the distortion of the historical record, after WWII became a crime in numerous countries. It has been and will remain a criminal act throughout the world, as governments have recognised that it is a precursor to mass murder. A weapon found in the hands of tyrants.

Currently, it is being used to achieve these same ends. Pascoe and his 5th column cultists pseudohistorians are not referring to Aboriginal Australians settling in towns and inventing bread. They are referring to mythological Aryans. Hitler's genocide was based on this pseudohistory.10

This Aryan myth justified genocide and it is here. Not just in Australia but worldwide. Aboriginal people are the scapegoats for their international UN global governance agenda for the Empire 2.0.11

So history repeats

History is extremely important to the ruling class. It is their weapon of choice.

Hundreds of years ago, the ruling class brought slaves aboard ships, chained and tortured them to erase their intergenerational memory so that they could control them.

The same problem faces us today. Our ancestors are being erased to destroy our identity, our foundations, and our history. To bring in neo-feudalism/Agenda 2030/the Empire 2.0.12

It is their goal to erase our forebears so they can abuse, exploit, misuse, and manipulate us as their serfs.

It is painful to acknowledge the extent to which we have been betrayed. However, this horror cannot be ignored. We must face it together to defeat it. To protect our families, and continue to defend the country we belong to. As the love of the land binds the hearts of all Australians.

One day, a wise elder confirmed this to me. I was told that we are all Australians because the red blood that runs through our veins is the blood of this country. In his wisdom, he confirmed that it is impossible to destroy the spirit of Australia. I have become increasingly aware of this as life goes by. As we draw closer to the day when we will come together as one to expose the traitors.


See more about the UN communal Native title here:


According to Aboriginal researcher Dr Suzanne Ingram, 300,000 of the currently reported 800,000 Aboriginals are not genuine: Peter O'Brien, Who is an Aboriginal? A single question about the Voice, The Spectator Australia, 27 May 2023, reference (15) at


See the letter sent to all Federal politicians about the Juukan Hoax, not one responded:


All of Pascoe’s ancestors are English. He is from the ruling class.


Fake claimer Mark McMurtrie big notes himself about being from the Privy Council Campbells. It got back to us. Mark's Campbell clan: In 1714 - John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll, appears uninvited at the Privy Council and tilts the balance in favour of the Hanoverian succession upon the approaching death of Queen Anne. As a result, the Act of Succession of 1701, the throne passed to her nearest Protestant relative George Louis, German Georg Ludwig, Elector of Hanover, the great-grandson of James I. When German George arrived in England, he knew little about British politics, nor could he speak very much English. McMurtrie related to Bruce Pascoe?


The big lie media tried to shame me over fake claimer Bruce Pascoe. They have not corrected the record even though they are lying and I can prove it. Whatever the case it has backfired. I have no interest in the big lie media. I care about everyday people.

Josephine Cashman
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