Blackmail insurgency designed to destroy us

The methodology of the worldwide globalist coup

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For about 100 years, the Brits pushed the world towards globalisation. Against our interests. We have lost our independence. Our manufacturing industry. They now manage our decline. We should all be outraged at this. Australia is a resource-rich country that is in debt to levels not seen since World War II.

Whether we like it or not, it seems that the Australian people are being forced to implement globalist agendas. America even implements it, a move that goes against the very foundation of their independence struggle against the British. 

How did a small Island accomplish this? With soft power. That is seducing or coercing others to do their bidding. Some call this mind control. Whatever you call it the British excel at it. By using it, a small country like England has been able to covertly subjugate and coerce larger, more populous countries. Using a myriad of devices the most insidious and effective being the blackmail of leaders into accepting UN global governance against the interests of the people. 

Operatives working for the ruling class spread myths that bankers rule the world as a decoy. To deceive us and hide the real puppet masters. It is a fact that whoever controls the blackmail controls the world. It controls banking. In the same manner, the ruling class also use blackmail to force governments to incorporate UN policies into our laws. To bring about UN global governance against the interests of the citizens it is meant to serve. 

The American Revolution was fought to stop the British globalist trade system we live under today. The British Crown wants us all dependent on overseas supply chains for our basic needs so they can control everything.

As a result of this globalist system, people all over the world suffer. It produces nothing but misery for them. 

Compromised leaders are complicit in raping and pillaging resource-rich third-world countries, so billionaires can pick up the spoils of their collapse. Profits are siphoned into untraceable tax havens in the UK, while the countries starve to death. 

In addition to funding and protecting criminals, British tax havens also: 

  •  Facilitates the modern slave trade including child sex trafficking

  • The illegal weapons trade, which kills people worldwide;

  • Environmental vandalism, which causes people to become homeless;

  • Drug trafficking destroys families, which is the most effective weapon the West has against tyrannical governments;

  • There is also the tactic of radicalising the collapsing third world to blame the everyday people of the first world for this destruction. This is the British strategy of divide and conquer in action;

  • All ideological subversive movements are funded by the ruling class and it is aimed at attacking everyday landowning people in the developed world.

Over many decades, the ruling class has succeeded by stealth in implementing a modern globalist trade system in response to the American Revolutionary War.

This was achieved through the establishment of a secretive group formed in 1909 called the Round Table. It aimed for the ruling class to own everything; by restoring the crown's control over the United States. As well as destroying land-owning everyday people worldwide. To do this the Rhodes Trust funded chapters in English-speaking countries in order to deploy ruling-class covert guerilla warfare tactics of blackmail, bribery, infiltration, coercion, information control, rewriting history and culture hacking through media/arts control to name a few. Via a subversive international web. To facilitate their agenda of total control over everyone and everything. 

The Australian Holmes à Court fortune comes from a Cecil Rhodes Ruling Class connection. Rhodes aggressively pursued his global governance agenda for the British to rule the world. Rhodes's psychopathy was driven by British worldwide dominance. As Rhodes saw it, the British should own everything: "British rule should prevail throughout the world." Rhodes passed away in 1902, leaving a fortune to make this agenda a reality. When I speak of the ruling class no one else epitomises more than the British Lord family Holmes à Court.

Like in the past, the ruling class Holmes à Court family continues to rip off the Australian people. To achieve this agenda they had to compromise our political class using Canberra “Pizza” and a Nazi drug. Simon Holmes à Court continues this attack on everyday people. His abuse of power via green theft via taxpayer subsidies and higher power prices sees the biggest intergenerational wealth handover.

Simon Holmes à Court looks down on everyday Australians. With his ruling class attitude. He thinks he is better than us. He tells us how to live. He demands we the taxpayers subsidies his billionaire lifestyle, By funding a green hoax based on Nazi-created pseudoscience.

The National Socialist German Workers Party was the first government to introduce sustainable development into planning, policy, and law.

The green/eugenics agenda demands we go back to the pre-1800s levels when humans’ life expectancy was 30. This is the ruling class green agenda for UN global governance. They are using a blackmail child abuse operation to bring in this eco-imperialist framework. To put us into ghetto archipelago UN smart cities.

This is the ruling class's green agenda for UN global governance to achieve it Simon Holmes à Court and his fascist/royal inlaws, use child abuse code words. Hold all-access parliament house passes into the officers of our representatives. To threaten our political class with child abuse blackmail.

Is it because they care about us and our Aboriginal countrymen that the ruling class billionaires push for UN Communal Native Title to cover over 80% of Australia?

Simon Holmes à Court's nephew is seen above offering “pizza. They can name-call all they like to try to hide the truth. About this sex offender code word. We know what they are doing. The criminal justice system has found "Pizza" is a code word for child sex offenders. Despite what the big lie media claims. As they assist child abuse blackmailers in evading justice. They do not deserve our respect. They should have the full force of the law against them. They are putting the lives of innocent children and the lives of everyday people at risk. Anyone who protects child abusers is the enemy of the people.

Another way these British schemers have sought to use America as a front for this global control agenda is "New Imperialism." Royal agent Tony Blair is the founding father of this "New Imperialism" aimed at building Britain's influence by using the United States' military power. By constructing a world of perpetual wars funded by the American taxpayer.

Donald Trump has been targeted personally and subjected to character assassination due to his pro-American stance. He has endured more slander, slurs, and criticism than any other candidate in modern history. It is clear, however, that we all want leaders who have the guts to restore our independence and self-sufficiency. To combat human trafficking and protect the innocent. To defund the World Health Organisation, and to leave UNESCO altogether.

By adopting this policy position that puts his people first, Trump defied Britain's global governance agenda. So they had to remove Trump from office through a massive regime change operation/coloured revolution/globalist coup.

This operation involved a number of participants, including:

  • Disloyal elements within the American intelligence community; and

  • Round Table British intelligence fronts; along with

  • Interference from the British spy agency GCHQ, which created the Russia hoax; with the support of

  • Australian Liberal Party leader Alexander Downer, working alongside British agents George Soros and Lord Malloch Brown.

Modern globalism was born in Victorian England - Richard Poe investigative journalist and author

Globalism was invented by the British, who used the UN, as well as its predecessor, the League of Nations as a device to control the world.

An example of this is the agenda for UN biodiversity and indigenous rights. A device was conceived as a way to reverse the middle-class revolution of owning land to restore feudalism. To a time when only nobility and the king could enjoy freedom and private property ownership.

King Charles has nothing to lose, but the world to gain under UN rule. Under UN rule, feudalism will return, and personal autonomy and freedom will disappear.

King Charles has been driving the UN and green scams for over 40 years. This has led the United Kingdom to fight climate change alarmism more than any other country. To achieve their agenda MI6 conducts green spying on major industrial nations. Climate change is one of the country's "most important international foreign policy issues," according to the MI6 chief.1

It gets worse, the British Royals are behind the Eugenics movement. King Charles and the royal line are woven all through Europe and the colonies. They think they should be the rulers of the world. These ‘Noble’ psychopaths are behind COVID-19. Not only through their investments in Big Pharma. They hide using British tax havens. Even more directly and insidiously through their decade-long EcoHealth patronage.9 Despite the fact they have tried to shift the blame for EcoHealth to the US the fact it is a British outfit. The COVID agenda is driven by Royal support for their eugenic intentions to reduce the human race. They have stated this publicly.

King Charles III controls British intelligence. They conduct their operations to exert influence with soft power subversion to control our culture.

They divide nations through the use of minorities they abuse. This tried and tested device is used to divide nations. To conquer them. Seen in Ireland, and India. With all these coloured revolutions creating continuing unrest, and forever wars the Brits are behind. This is just another example of their murderous deception.   

Yet most are unaware of this.

As expert Richard Poe says: People readily accept that China, Russia, Israel, the Jews, the Vatican, the UN, the WEF, the Rockefellers, the "globalists," the Communists, and others might secretly exert undue influence over US affairs. But the British? All you get is blank stares …

As the British are experts at hiding their power. Seeing King Charles III is depicted as a benevolent, kind, and ineffectual affable monarch. Who wants the best for his people. When nothing is further from the truth. The British blame everyone else for their crimes. They create problems for their pre-planned solutions. They divide us to conquer us. This is because their intelligence agencies are the best in the world.

To impose their global governance they employ hybrid warfare tactics such as:

  • Intel sources recruit journalists and turn them into propaganda assets;

  • They spread smears through black propaganda;

  • Confusion by disinformation;

  • Infiltration;

  • Bribery;

  • As blackmail is feared throughout the world, it is the most effective tactic.

Witney Webb's comprehensive analysis illustrates how Jeffery Epstein's abuse of children was not an anomaly, but rather part of a global network of child abusers, including Epstein himself. A worldwide network of blackmail child traffickers operates in darkness and murk. Morals and basic human decency aren't applicable here. Only greed and depravity. Blackmail and child trafficking meet in this place, where organised crime and intelligence intersect.

It has been more than 90 years since this criminal network was established behind our backs in one form or another. They operate with impunity. All blackmail operatives are connected because the ruling class controls it centrally. They aim to achieve UN global governance and total control over everything by incorporating UN policy into our laws. They do this by forcing our leaders to legislate their agenda against the best interests of the people they are meant to serve.

This is an attempt to look at the blackmail aspects of the Epstein/Prince Andrew-type blackmail operation that has been compromising leaders and institutions worldwide. 

Weaponising Devil's Breath for UN global governance/neo-feudalism the subversives corrupt and control public institutions and authorities with covert operatives using blackmail and bribes. This is the major device to achieve a global governance agenda. This explains how the political class, celebrities, business leaders, and other influential people have been compromised. 

When we come to terms with this far-reaching blackmail operation it becomes clear. We can understand why those in positions of public trust have taken positions which undermine the people. As soon as the public comes to terms with the fact that the ruling class is using ‘sexpionage' through the abuse of trafficked children to establish a feudal world order under UN global governance. They will be horrified. The threat of coercion cannot be understated. Any country can be defeated with blackmail. 

Since 2011, the intelligence agencies including GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 have been under the patronage of King Charles III. MI6 was founded on fake news. Whose objective is to enslave the world through the use of intelligence operatives using abuse children for 'sexpionage'. As part of a covert ruling class power structure to enslave the world. 

Although Epstein's child abuse is well known worldwide, the British have attempted to hide their role in it. Since the British Royals, most recently Prince Andrew are so intimately involved with the child abuse sexpionage network of Epstein/Maxwell, British intelligence is not able to hide they actively playing a part in it.2

MI6 chief Sir Peter Hayman was named as a paedophile. It is also known as the ‘Hayman affair’, in which Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens named PIE member Sir Peter Hayman in the House of Commons using Parliamentary privilege. This group of sex offenders were said to have been “obsessed by the systematic killing by sexual torture of children and young people”.

A child abuse ring operating within the political class, and this revelation was confirmed in an Australian current affairs program entitled Spies, Lords, and Predators. Ruling class forces ensured MI6 chief Hayman was never brought to justice despite overwhelming evidence. There was an inquiry into child abuse in 2016. This inquiry examined the allegations that MI5 had blackmailed those in positions of power using child abuse. It was found that there was a child abuse ring which operated at the Kincora Boys home in Northern Ireland.3

The Australian people are beginning to wonder if these Parliamentary inquiries are phoney. Are they simply a device designed to placate a deeply concerned public about the abuse of vulnerable children. Which continues across the globe under similar circumstances. As we continue to question why the political class has not taken action to address the issue of children missing from residential care. Specifically, whether they are too compromised to voice concerns. Alternatively, are they directly involved in the abuse themselves. Are they not concerned about children. Or do they only think about themselves? It is disgusting to see that the leaders of the UNi-party, Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton, are not protecting Australian children from harm. Their only concern is to protect a system that abuses them.

Devil's Breath Blackmail Drug

The handlers of the UNi-party of the Canberra swamp have used and abused children. As a weapon to bring down our country. Again this is happening worldwide. For a ruling class agenda. As they will only be happy when they own everything. They use blackmail as a device to force our political class to implement UN policy into Australian law. For UN global governance. To accomplish their agenda, they have used child abuse, extortion, intimidation, and a Devil's Breath blackmail drug.

Devil's Breath is grown in Australia. It was used by Nazi war criminals during World War II. After the war, a Nazi war criminal sentenced to life in prison was let out early to establish the Australian Devil's Breath crop specifically.

This is a National security issue. People in positions of power have been blackmailed using children. How else can you explain how they can sell out their own country in such a way? This treason has been revealed through the revelations on the use of Devil’s Breath/Scopolamine/Duboisia. Australia is a major supplier and user of it. Insiders told us: If you control this drug, you control child trafficking and blackmail operations. It's easy to see why that's so. Criminal Investigators and victims call it chemical hypnosis.

We previously exposed the Devil's Breath cult run by fake claimer Mark McMertrie from a Ruling class British family. As the head extortionist in Australia. He claims to have been storing extortion material on our political class for decades. Claiming he has, “cabinets full of blackmail material".

Does this explain John Howard’s close association with confessed blackmailers who use child exploitation materials for blackmail?

Devil’s Breath can be blown directly into someone's face, and within minutes they are under its full effects. Devil’s Breath is odourless and tasteless. We know this drug has been used to compromise those in positions of power. Those under the influence of drugs forget everything. With this drug available in Australia and distributed around the world, it is easy to see how they can administer this drug to place our leaders in compromising positions with children. 4

On the other hand, child abusers are actively recruited as they are easily compromised, which leads them to be placed in positions of power and public trust. 

Child abuse is a threat to national security, yet where is the big lie media?

The big lie media is complicit in these through a lack of reporting on this. They cancel whistleblowers and public discussion on it. While throughout the world, police authorities have reported epidemic levels of child trafficking and child abuse images. The fact that child abuse is such a prevalent problem in today's society shocks and outrages us all. In the modern era, blackmail has emerged as an extreme threat to our own country's security, as a danger to everyday people everywhere around the world. 

The big lie media does not tell you Law enforcement is aware of this, Dutch police said in 2017, that the explosive increase in child pornography constitutes a national threat. In 2016 US federal authorities discovered a significant amount of child pornography on national security computers. 

In 2010 Senior Pentagon staff were watching the sexual torture and abuse of small children on their computers, yet the public did not know. The big lie media refused to pick up the story. Journalist Aliya Sternstein says, pornographic images on government computers represent a blackmail risk and pose a serious threat to national security. If left unchecked, they could threaten the lives of Americans at home and abroad. The same applies in Australia. 5

Their lack of concern is demonstrated by the fact they do not fund the Australian Federal Police to save abused children. The above video interview is a real-life example of why we must provide the police with the financial resources they need to go through these images and videos to stop the abuse of children. 

There are 6 million child abuse images in the Australian Victim Image Library. Yet Australian police have not been provided with the resources to save the children and bring the crooks to justice. In other words, the Australian people are being told that the UNi-party of the Canberra swamp is not interested in the well-being of Australian children.

These abused children, whom the Australian Federal Police warned us are being used in depraved criminal acts. Where they are killed in snuff films, is not a priority for the Canberra swamp. The truth is they are obsessed with themselves. Yet where is the money to save the kids?

Whatever the case, there is no way that this political class can represent the Australian people in parliament as long as their highest priority is self-preservation. Not saving children and finding these disgusting depraved dangerous criminals. Many in the UNi-party do not deserve to represent the good Australian people in our parliament.

It will be necessary to lock some of them up. We must fund the police to do it. This must be addressed immediately. This situation is utterly sickening to the Australian people. It is shameful. #CanberraPizza


Guardian 30 May 2016: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/may/30/n-ireland-child-abuse-inquiry-turns-to-kincora-home-and-claims-of-mi5-blackmail; See also a 32-year-old woman waives her right to anonymity to reveal sexual abuse perpetrated by police officers and prominent figures in the 1980s and 1990s,” Telegraph, 26 May 2015 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/child-protection/11630989/Child-sex-abuse-Police-guarded-paedophile-ring-claims-victim.html


Watch the video here:

This is a timeline of the key news reports in the ‘Hayman affair’, in which Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens named PIE member Sir Peter Hayman in the House of Commons using Parliamentary privilege. They were said to have been “obsessed by the systematic killing by sexual torture of children and young people”: https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/sir-peter-hayman-named-as-pie-member-in-the-house-of-commons/


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https://nltimes.nl/2017/05/31/explosive-increase-child-pornography-forms-national-threat-dutch-police; Experts estimate, there are 750,000 child abusers online every second. INTERPOL global platform of its kind enables specialist officers to use sophisticated image and video comparison software to make connections between victims, abusers and locations. A total of 10,000 child victims were identified in 2017. https://www.interpol.int/en/News-and-Events/News/2017/INTERPOL-network-identifies-10-000-child-sexual-abuse-victims; The police are doing their best and should be commended and funded properly. A global child pornography ring based in Canada allegedly targeted six Australian children. During a 3 year global investigation, one of the largest of its kind, 348 suspects, including 65 Australians, were arrested. https://heraldsun.com.au/news/law-order/snuff-films-alarm-afp-warns-of-growing-paedophile-problem/news-story/4cf9a18f18348d0c2b897a4802bb1793; In 2015, the FBI's Assistant Director of Criminal Investigation said there is an epidemic level of child sex trafficking and paedophilia https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-33682953, A US Federal cyber security expert who used his skills as a computer technician to hide his membership in the Pedobook network in 2015 was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The content was so depraved that veteran FBI investigators were sickened; https://www.nextgov.com/digital-government/2016/05/feds-have-found-unbelievable-amounts-child-porn-national-security-computers-solution/127944/https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/aug/10/executive-branch-porn-problem/

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