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The government creates atrocities and then shames us into changing the Constitution

The government creates atrocities and then shames us into changing the Constitution

A podcast of research findings and analysis: July 2023


I dedicate this piece to Gloria Grace Rose Johnson (the Wilcannia Rose), her mother, Tammy King, and all those who have lost a child.

The Australian people can be inspired by the leadership of Tammy King, who, despite her suffering and the managed decline of her community by government-funded crooks, extends her hand to the Australian people. Asking us to come together as one against our oppressors.

Even though we might look white and black on the outside, we all have red blood running through our veins. They cannot kill the Australian spirit. That's what an old wise Elder once told me.

The government creates atrocities and then shames us into changing the Constitution

To understand Australia's managed decline, just look at Wilcannia, once the "Queen of the West”.

A thriving community, with a golf course; generous-sized sandstone shops, built to last forever; sitting alongside tree-lined; wide-country-sized streets.

Today the shops are boarded up.

I was in Wilcannia for more than a year.

I like the people there.

They speak beautifully with the thickest Australian accent.

They are genuine.

They believe in old-fashioned values where their word is their bond.

They believe in right and wrong.

Yet Wilcannia is not living up to its potential.

It has a young population and so much to offer, sitting on billion-dollar mineral-rich land.

Instead of a productive economy, taxpayers fund millions annually for 40 not-for-profits, to provide services that do not address the life-threatening human needs.

They don’t get the money.

The globalist created aboriginal industry gets the taxpayer funds.

They live it up while those they are meant to serve - die around them.

Wilcannia is in a constant state of mourning, a declining town and a dying community.

There is a funeral every other week.

Too much sadness too many deaths, in such a young population.

They are told the water is safe, yet their menstrual cycles stopped and their hair fell out.

After decades of broken promises and lies.

They do not believe the public servants’ reassurances that the water is safe.

Refusing to drink toxic water, families search for “churchie” coins to scrap up $7 for a 5-litre flagon of drinking water.

To have the privilege of not being poisoned to death.

The world’s lowest life expectancy is not found in Africa where an adult male lives to only 54.

It is found in Wilcannia where a male can expect not to see his 34th birthday.

So many deaths from losing hope and bad health.

Christmas 2019 saw 10 deaths in 8 weeks from an Aboriginal population of 600 people.

Elders had enough, travelling more than 15 hours to arrive in Canberra in early 2020.

Yet Anthony Albanese and Linda Burney refused to hear their voice.

They slammed the door in their face.

Our Wilcannia family survey highlighted the practical nature of the needs: clean water, affordable food and power, privacy, housing and personal autonomy.

Not Albo’s hidden agenda voice/treaty/truth.

This is the truth.

Tragically, the Australian public is unaware of this because our political class is compromised and our media is bought.

There are 300,000 fake claimers as identified by Aboriginal researchers.

Elders begged the government to address it.

Instead of defunding the fake claimers, they went after us.

The message delivered by leading Wilcannia elder Sissy King is heartbreaking.

The government-funded leader of Wilcannia is a fake claimer called Badger Bates.

Badger Bates killed Sissy’s auntie with the butt of his rifle.

Warren Mundine made Badger Bates the leader of Willicannia by funding Badger against the elders' wishes.

Sissy King tells us the disgraceful truth.

There were only 4 families on the Native title register.

After Badger took charge, there are now 40.

As CEO of NSW Native Title Services Mundine gave the power to a fake claimer killer.

We are not surprised that after finishing as CEO, Warren Mundine went on to work for billionaire World Economic Forum leader Andrew Forrest on yet another, unaccountable “Aboriginal” taxpayer-funded million-dollar, failed experiment.

This is a spinnennetz, a tangled web of lies spun.

Full of deception and confusion.

It's difficult to come to terms with, but we must stay united to UN-veil the betrayal, by UN-ravelling the lies together.

It has taken me more than 20 years to come to terms with this betrayal, after living in an Aboriginal community described as a "war zone".

These destructive patterns are repeated across the country.

There is a pre-planned solution to the dysfunction they created.

As a whistle-blower, I've spent 3 years untangling the deceitful lies spun to divide and deceive the Australian people.

It's disheartening to discover politicians from all sides lie to us.

So don't give our compromised government more power by changing the Australian Constitution.

By all means, give up on our compromised political class of useful idiots.

But do not lose hope in your countrymen.

We should unite on the cause of our discontentment.

Listen to the Elders.

Come together as one.

Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman Podcast
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