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A failed plot UN-ravels

A failed plot UN-ravels

A podcast of research findings and analysis: August 2023

A failed plot UN-ravels

The stage is set for humiliation

Their castle of sand crumbles

Insider traitor clowns are using historical lies to disconnect us from our history our land and each other.

Their intention is to shame us into submission, coercing us to comply with their global governance agenda in order to rob us of our valuable resources and wealth, much like what has been experienced in Africa.

As the UN cultural heritage law is scrapped and the yes vote tanks, Marcia Langton, the Queen of insider traitor clowns, is rolled out by her now desperate billionaire handlers as she spits out her trademark racist labels in the final hurrah.

To revive their failing plot, they stage a performance of unpredictable, unstable and spiteful Langton as their castle of sand crumbles.

There is a rising tide of lies that threatens to engulf these criminal actors, bringing Langton and Bruce Pascoe to their knees and justice.

Their endorsement of the fabrications and fairy tales of Dark Emu manipulation, and the nefarious treasonist distortion of history.

As a dangerous form of mind control is being exposed after years of deception.

We have been infiltrated by insider traitor clowns committed to sabotaging our country both through claims that we are too racist to manage our own affairs, as well as by demoralising our countrymen so that they comply with global control in order to achieve their own desires.

"Langton's inequitable gravy train" Germaine Greer

According to the perspective of wise elders, it has come to their attention that the grifters are currently enjoying a never-ending gravy train when it comes to Aboriginal Affairs in Canberra.

The objective behind this manipulation is to convince Australians to vote in favour of an industry that has consistently failed for over fifty years, thereby perpetuating this cycle of sabotage.

To achieve this, various tactics are being employed, including shaming strategies, distorting historical facts, and the use of sweeping racial stereotypes to divide us.

These tactics are aimed at demoralising the Australian public, pressuring them to relinquish their land rights, which are a fundamental part of our heritage and liberty.

Parasitic entities

There are parasitic entities such as corporate sports celebrities, sold-out Hollywood actors, Big Pharma, and other corporate cartels including the United Nations social cartel system encompassing 40,000 weaponised not-for-profits who work together to steal Aboriginal people’s voices

The UN system attempts to usurp Australia’s voice through a psychopathic UN social/shame system.

The billionaire grifters are the parasites behind this neo-feudal agenda by exploiting the perceived weakness of our concern for our countrymen to undermine our inalienable rights.

Their parasitic behaviour can be seen with their tax haven system getting all the benefits of a country without contributing back any of their mega profits.

They are asset-stripping the 3rd world by siphoning profits into their tax havens whilst keeping the country starving to death using UN debt slavery.

This system enables the most heinous criminals of our time to operate the largest human trafficking network in history to compromise leaders worldwide.

Additionally, the bought media co-offending conduct is designed for confusion and demoralisation.

These grifters, in their manipulative approach, have even resorted to falsely advocating for human rights.

As a means to shame Australians into giving up their fundamental private property rights.

Thus undermining the very fabric of our society.

This situation calls for a closer examination of the tactics being used and the need for Australians to remain vigilant in protecting their inalienable rights, our heritage, and our historical record.

It is crucial that we stand together in preserving what is rightfully ours.

An example of Aboriginal voices being usurped by parasitic billionaires is Badger Bates recruited from jail to become the voice of Wilcannia.

Parasitic billionaires instructed Minister art collector Don Harwin, and his federal counterpart to grift $7M out of the public purse to build an art gallery for this fake claimer killer.

Yet, Wilcannia's water is poisoned.

They suffer the lowest life expectancy in the world at 34 years.

Consequently, there is a growing push to adopt Voice/treaty/Truth, with these concepts being used as a decoy to divert attention from the real agenda at hand - the full UN control under Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 for neo-feudalism.

It is abundantly clear that the implications of this issue reach far beyond what meets the eye.

The consequences of such manipulation and interference have far-reaching ramifications that cannot be ignored.

Distinguished deceiver

Despite Marcia Langton's dishonesty and lack of integrity, the Press Club is staging a special event featuring the distinguished deceiver herself.

It is important to highlight the extensive track record Langton has developed over the years, of disseminating harmful falsehoods, endorsing government-funded criminal leaders, and legitimising fake claimers, including the notorious grifter Pascoe.

These actions have resulted in significant distortions of history, putting Australia at great risk.

The danger of distorting history cannot be underestimated.

It is crucial to acknowledge that Hitler, in his pursuit of absolute power, also utilised these deceptive strategies.

To achieve this he simply had to exploit the existing fabrications of history and convert them into potent propaganda weapons that resulted in unbelievable evil and immense human suffering.

Therefore, it is imperative to actively counter these psychological weapons by exposing the traitors and disseminating the facts.

The erosion of reality and the distortion of truths is a potent instrument for psychological control.

"The one who controls the past controls the future" George Orwell

Manipulation of historical records is a precursor to genocide.

Since World War 2, these actions have been condemned and acknowledged as serious criminal offences in numerous countries.

We must uphold the integrity of historical facts to combat this form of manipulation.

Bruce Pascoe manipulating the historic record of our nation with the active endorsement of Marcia Langton is a deliberate treasonous assault on all Australians.

They claim Aboriginal people were engaged in agriculture before 1788, despite the fact that there were no native hoofed animals.

It would be impossible to harness a kangaroo, wombat, or koala to plough the land.

The lack of evidence provided by Pascoe is considered "deeply problematic" by an anthropologist at the Australian National University, Ian Keen.

Geoffrey Blainey, a historian renowned for his belief that Australian farming did not begin until 1788, as well as others brave enough to fight against the invasion of Australia by parasitic entities attempting to gradually control our minds and land.

Furthermore, Terra nullius did not exist during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The concept originated from a 1975 International Court Opinion and was later introduced into the Australian lexicon by Lionel Murphy in 1979.

This introduction was an attempt to manipulate the future of our country through deceit.

By introducing a single word, they sought to alter the perception and legitimacy of our connection to the land.

These neo-feudal parasites are highly motivated to subjugate us into digital re-education ghettos/15/20 minute cities in order to seize the spoils.

These weak billionaire parasites are so desperate to satisfy their sense of superiority over everyday individuals that they were compelled to devise a deceitful scheme to deprive us of its resources for their substantial benefit.

Yet their failure is inevitable.

The stage is set for humiliation.

The act of misleading people with a single word requires a significant amount of time to manipulate an entire group of "leaders" into becoming useful idiots.

Can you fathom the amount of time and strategising that goes into turning an entire category of "leaders" into accomplices to a doomed-to-fail parasitic scheme?

They face a wave of contempt and disgust.

We have insider traitors working to demoralise us and disconnect us from our people, country and land.

They aim to implement global governance, control resources and wealth, and strip Australia like Africa.

Through historical distortion, shame, disunity, and demoralising tactics, we are groomed to silence our voice and fighting spirit to protect our property rights.

They falsely claim that we cannot make a difference individually.

These weak individuals resort to bullying and shaming to convince Australians that we are powerless.

This is not true.

It is by exposing the traitors that we make it clear we won't be manipulated by them.

The stage is set for a humiliating fall.

The Australian people are prevailing

Their malicious motives aimed to sow chaos and undermine society through confusion, distraction, and deceit.

Spreading historical falsehoods contaminates public discourse.

The objective is to erode trust in a stable society, causing doubt in perspectives and trust in others.

Insatiable greed drives celebrities, corporations, government "leaders", and the media to commit crimes against the people.

They supported the fraudulent agenda of Pascoe and Langton and attacked Aboriginal Australians opposing it, hoping to fuel division and mistrust.

However, their attempts have been unsuccessful.

The Australian people are prevailing, and I take immense pride in the fact that we have refused to be divided.

Recognise the web of deception these grifters have woven, manipulating public sentiment with false cries for human rights.

Resist their orchestrated effort to undermine private property rights.

Australians must unite against these insidious tactics.

This issue has sparked a nationwide dialogue, with people from all walks of life voicing concerns and sharing experiences.

The depth and breadth of this conversation highlight the urgent need for action.

Every Australian must stay informed and engage in meaningful discussions.

We must address these challenges head-on, ensuring our voices are heard to safeguard land rights for future generations.

Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman Podcast
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