A look at the enemy

They face a tsunami of failure and disgust as the sandcastle of lies crumbles.

If I hadn't known what I was about to tell you, I would never have believed it. I found the real enemy. The new age Aquarius/Ayran sickness. The UN religion. All the disgusting psychopathic cults that we do not recognise today as a threat. These subversive manipulative cowards hide who they are.

They want the Abrahamic faiths to destroy each other for their one-world religion utopia. A dystopic nightmare for all of us. They seek to divide and conquer us. They are setting us up.

I saw it in Aboriginal affairs. These people don't believe in God. They are fake claimers.

I would prefer if it was not true. I'm continually shocked at the magnitude of this. Sometimes, it almost doesn't seem real. Yet it's true. It is hard to come to terms with. It can make us frightened. However, we can't be faithful and fearful. They don't mix. It's like oil to water. By God's grace alone, we know what they're up to. We know they're desperate.

They know nothing can stop the truth from coming out. Aboriginal Australia has been used as a front and the scapegoat to attack all Australians. By those who have hidden themselves behind Aboriginal affairs.

This is not just happening in Australia, it is a worldwide UN land grab plot using Indigenous peoples as the scapegoat.

It is taking place in the United States, NZ, Canada and almost every country is using the same UN fake claimer subversives. My mother, a professor of Aboriginal history, is assisting Native researchers worldwide. All grappling with fake claimers. Speaking for them and stealing their identity.

It is a key part of the UN global governance agenda now known as Agenda 2030/the Great Reset.1

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They created the problems for pre-planned solutions

These fake claimers are elevated by the big lie media and the ruling class who have compromised our political class for this UN plot.2 This was alluded to in the Agenda 21 control plan in 1992. With a whole chapter on Indigenous3.

They have used the sabotage of Aboriginal affairs to shame Australians into the Uluru Corporate Con Voice/Treaty/truth agenda.4

They need Australia to become a 3rd world country to take us over. What separates us from the 3rd world are law and order (police) and private property rights. They must manage our decline. So they can pick up the spoils of our collapse.

Ending home ownership

To end private property rights for all Australians. They’ve created a UN ‘indigenous’ communal title land that no Australian can own. Which will cover 80% of Australia by 2030.5

Defunding the police

They have defunded the police to sabotage Aboriginal Australia. Since the 1970s, they have systematically eroded the policing of Aboriginal communities. More than 20 years ago, I left an Aboriginal community described as a war zone. It was then I made a promise to God to get to the bottom of who was responsible for the sabotage of Aboriginal Australia.

In this community, everyone contacted the police. They refused to respond. despite shots being fired and homes firebombed. It was almost like they wanted to let the Aboriginal people kill themselves.

Managing our decline

I worked in an Aboriginal medical service at the time. When my boss refused to help to save lives. I stood up to him. He threw a chair at my head. I knew I had to leave and try to figure out why this was all happening. A baby died because the nurses wouldn't go and visit the mother because of their superior attitude. I wasn't a nurse. I knew he was really sick. This baby boy died 2 days later. It broke my heart.

No one took the time to help anyone. Yet I got dozens of people into rehab. People knew where I lived and knocked on my door at all hours. I saw lives transformed. There is no greater reward than this.

I spent weeks talking to people and trying to get them to stop thinking about suicide as a way to cope with the trauma they had experienced. A mother of six had been raped in a police cell and wanted to commit suicide on the anniversary. I would visit her every day until she recovered.6

This UN fake claimer subversive cult and managed decline of Aboriginal Australia are the reasons why nothing has improved in Aboriginal affairs despite the billions. They speak for us.7

They select Judas Goats who Aboriginal people don't trust. Australia has 300,000 5th-column fake claimer subversives who control Aboriginal affairs. They abuse Aboriginal elders. This is an organised subversive New Age UN cult.8

This is why I fight for all Australians

It was many years later that I worked with the most incredible police officers. I have had the privilege of witnessing the transformative process that justice delivers.

The police protect us. So the institution of the police must be protected and strengthened. These bad people have infiltrated every valued institution. In saying this every Australian must be judged as an individual. I learned the importance of law and order as an Australian after living in a place where law and order were nonexistent. It is for this reason that we fought and won the fight against Black Lives Matter (BLM) here in Australia. We demoralised the movement so much that they had only 40 people at their last protest before they died in the juices of their own failure. This resulted in Australia being the only Western country not to experience BLM destruction. This is why exposing the traitors is so powerful. We have the numbers and it works if you work it.9

Why they are losers

They need to wake up to themselves. All this talk of 'Awaken' is a sneaky reference to their UN Aquarius/Ayran light bearer psychopathy.

As we watch their sandcastle of lies crumble. Despite all the malevolence and decades of meticulous planning. Ends in a tsunami of failure and disgust.10

During the past three years, I have gathered a great deal of evidence. At first, I was so naive. They were determined to silence us. Although it hurt at times, we kept shaking their cage as much as possible. I recorded everything. So I could map this cesspit. They are really stupid. They allowed me to cross-examine them online for hours. Their hubris had failed them. They were unable to charm, manipulate, scare and manage us. They are impulsive, repulsive psychopaths. Not very bright. Very emotionally weak. They need to hurt things they perceive as weaker because of it. They underestimated us. I documented every step they made. I mapped them out with hundreds of connections. I conclude that the truth will set us free.

Expose the traitors.


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Josephine Cashman