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Thank you for cutting through the illusions of the game, Josephine. It is not popular to be right over the top of it, as the 'game' has successfully captured 'both sides' on the playing board. People (because of the fear of being cast out or exiled) do not like to perceive that they are surrounded by deception on all sides. It's terrifying. Unless a search for truth and justice stimulates you, and this is not a common trait. That means there is no room for favouritism. People want to be told there is only good or bad. They want to be able to put this terror to bed by just choosing or nominating in their minds - a leader: the good guys and the bad guys. Dualism is humanism devoid of deep thinking. Dualism is where we are captured.

Therefore it's the oldest and easiest psychological trick in the book for the monsters or oppressors to take ownership of both sides. And what 'other side' would not be so appealing as these 'grass rooty' types, even if they actually believe what they are doing! Such is the depth of this psyop.

So keep going; I understand very much that working in that grey land between the razor-sharp and dangerous edges of black and white will not be popular. I know it myself from my own work. We can choose to ignore it and profit from ignorance and play the game because this is where the profit is, or we can make choices based on our deepest values, such as compassion and integrity.

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Is it not true that Aboriginal people were being force vaccinated in NT and/or being coerced with payments for getting injected? I thought that was true.

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It is a lie to undermine the Australian Defence Force to bring UN global governance. The same people who lie about the ADF are running the blackmail operation to compromise our political class to bring UN tyranny. https://josephinecashman.substack.com/p/exposed-the-political-class-are-compromised

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