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Native Title has denied Aboriginal people the opportunity to own a home & soon all Australians

Native Title has denied Aboriginal people the opportunity to own a home & soon all Australians

Designed at the UN it will cover 80% of the Australian landmass by 2030


00:00:00 Jeremy Beck 

Now this is. 

00:00:00 Jeremy Beck 

All about undermining national sovereignty and I, I just wanted to cover the issue of the Native Title Act because I can see that this is really about splitting up Australia from a sovereign nation state into lots of micronations. 

00:00:20 Jeremy Beck 

So called First Nations people, but I don't think the Aboriginal people have really been adequately consulted, have they? How many people have been consulted with regard to the Native title act? 1993 was established, is that right?

00:00:34 Josephine Cashman 

Well, there were five people. There were five people. 

00:00:38 Josephine Cashman 

It was Lowitja O'Donoghue, Noel Pearson, Sol Bellear, Marcia Langton and David Ross.1 

00:00:45 Jeremy Beck 

That's crazy. 5 people, and that that was established in 1993. So who actually established the Native title act? 

00:00:55 Josephine Cashman 

So after Mabo 

00:00:58 Josephine Cashman 

Within two weeks of Mabo 

00:01:03 Josephine Cashman 

You had the Aboriginal affairs minister for the Keating government, Robert Tickner. 

00:01:10 Josephine Cashman 

Jumping on a plane and going to Geneva. 

00:01:14 Josephine Cashman 

I've got a quote here from a Dfat book only a few weeks after the High Court decision was handed down, the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Robert Tickner, passed a copy of the decision to the UN. This is Mabo decision to the UN working group on indigenous populations, noting the court had finally.2 

00:01:35 Josephine Cashman 

Which pay to an offensive and essentially raised racist terms Terra Nullius, now we're not going to get into the detail now here, but Terra Nullius is actually an Algerian term.3

00:01:46 Josephine Cashman 

I mean, there's so many lies. 

00:01:48 Josephine Cashman 

It's very hard for people to. 

00:01:50 Josephine Cashman 

Keep up with them all. 

00:01:51 Josephine Cashman 

I'm trying to expose it because. 

00:01:55 Josephine Cashman 

Aboriginal people haven't wanted this, nor have they Australian people. 

00:02:00 Josephine Cashman 

And what really? 

00:02:02 Josephine Cashman 

Led me to uncover a lot of these lies. Was their reaction to me when I was asking questions from Ken Wyatt Advisory Council. 

00:02:12 Josephine Cashman 

For the Uluru Voice. 

00:02:13 Josephine Cashman 

I got kicked off. I was senior adviser for asking questions and I found a paper from the deputy head. 

00:02:21 Josephine Cashman 

Of the Aboriginal Affairs Department talking about Aboriginal people being the fulcrum for the New World order, and this is his words, Aboriginal people may be the fulcrum may be formed. Transnational governance arrangements with China. 4

00:02:41 Josephine Cashman 

Yet I never. 

00:02:42 Josephine Cashman 

Ever heard of? 

00:02:42 Josephine Cashman 

An emerging new world order. Before I read those before I read that. 

00:02:48 Josephine Cashman 

I had no. 

00:02:48 Jeremy Beck 

Yeah. Well, anyone who talks about New World order gets. 

00:02:50 Josephine Cashman 

Sort of implication to do any research, sorry. 

00:02:53 Jeremy Beck 

Yeah. Any anyone who talks about New World order gets branded as a conspiracy theorist. But you know, it depends what you mean by it. 

00:03:01 Jeremy Beck 

But certainly there are global institutions and institutions and individuals who don't really have any allegiance to any one sovereign nation state. They they have an agenda. 

00:03:13 Jeremy Beck 

It's no secret now you only have to quote the people from the World Economic Forum. 

00:03:20 Josephine Cashman 

Yes, and the travelling thing is since I've looked at this, there are so many books on so called academic that books on average, trans indigenous governance and it's very clear to me that the whole agenda to break up our wonderful country. 

00:03:40 Josephine Cashman 

To smash our country is. 

00:03:46 Josephine Cashman 

Is this is this totalitarian agenda and it's them and they're using Aboriginal people? 

00:03:50 Josephine Cashman 

As a cover. 

00:03:51 Josephine Cashman 

And it's disgusting because Aboriginal people have not been consulted. They're not one group of people anyway. They're really originally hunter gatherers with clans. Pardon. 

00:03:59 Jeremy Beck 

I'm sure that had different views. 

00:04:03 Jeremy Beck 

I'm sure they'd all have different views just the same as any other people you know, even their own families can have a disagreement among different issues, so it wouldn't be surprising that there are varying views amongst Aboriginal people. 

00:04:18 Josephine Cashman 

Exactly. And what a lot of Australians probably don't understand is not only have they got a communist title, meaning native title, meaning they cannot have any private property rights and private property is intrinsically linked to economic independence. They also have these organisations. 

00:04:38 Josephine Cashman 

That have a much lower standard of governance than any every other Australian organisation. They have a registrar in Canberra, the Australian Crime Commission. 

00:04:50 Josephine Cashman 

Identified in a seven year investigation that Aboriginal affairs is run by organised crime, but if anyone says this is a conspiracy, it is not. I think The thing is they thought that they would get. 

00:05:04 Josephine Cashman 

Away with it. 

00:05:06 Josephine Cashman 

And I'm gonna make. 

00:05:07 Josephine Cashman 

Sure that I do a very. 

00:05:09 Josephine Cashman 

Good job if I'm not. 

00:05:11 Jeremy Beck 

Hmm. Yeah, well, you're doing. 

00:05:12 Jeremy Beck 

Some great work there, Josephine now. 

00:05:14 Jeremy Beck 

In the the banking community I I would actually argue that there there's a lot of organised crime amongst central bankers worldwide. 

00:05:24 Jeremy Beck 

And I do know that one key central banker was Nugget Coombs, and he played quite a considerable role. 

00:05:31 Jeremy Beck 

In establishing the the whole native title agenda, which is undermining Australia's sovereignty, which is splintering us up into micro nations. 

00:05:42 Jeremy Beck 

But it's not just Australia, is it? Canada. Can you tell a little bit about what's happening in Canada? 

00:05:49 Josephine Cashman 

It's pretty bad in Canada from what I've heard, that they're actually kicking farmers and natives of the land alike. 

00:05:56 Josephine Cashman 

And in New Zealand it's happening. This is a global agenda using indigenous people. And I couldn't agree with you more about Nugget Coombs. 

00:06:05 Josephine Cashman 

I mean, after nine 1967 referendum. 

00:06:09 Josephine Cashman 

The whole basis of it, I would argue. 

00:06:12 Josephine Cashman 

Was for Jones. 

00:06:13 Josephine Cashman 

And that was pushed by some of these actors. 

00:06:17 Josephine Cashman 

So that the Commonwealth could have control of Aboriginal affairs, which is very dangerous, the fact that they said Aboriginal people weren't counted is an absolute lie. 

00:06:26 Josephine Cashman 

Professor Blainey is actually our and this is Professor said that other people probably counted more than every other Australian. The fact that they said they didn't vote, it's that's true in South Australia. 

00:06:37 Josephine Cashman 

Queensland for some time, but so did a lot of other Australians weren't allowed to vote at particular periods because they had to be wealthy land owners, et cetera, you know. 

00:06:46 Josephine Cashman 

But The thing is, they have simplified our history, which is very unique. We don't have the slave history of other nations. 

00:06:57 Jeremy Beck 

Yeah. You know, there's definitely a history there that the establishment wants to sweep under the rug. They don't want the population to know many things, and I think we've experienced that in the last few years with the COVID agenda, which I know that you're very well aware of and you've discussed this because it all ties into the same. 

00:07:18 Jeremy Beck 

Gender of population control breaking up sovereign nation states so one way or the other, they're attacking us on all fronts, so it's we're living in a really scary world right now. 

00:07:30 Jeremy Beck 

We don't really have. 

00:07:31 Jeremy Beck 

Much more time, but what what I. 

00:07:33 Jeremy Beck 

Did want is. 

00:07:34 Jeremy Beck 

Just a quick final comment and how can people find out? 

00:07:37 Jeremy Beck 

More about you. 

00:07:40 Josephine Cashman 

Well you can. 

00:07:41 Josephine Cashman 

Go to my website 


James Cotton and David Lee, Australia and the United Nations, at footnote 1414


Deputy CEO, Aboriginal Affairs Canberra, Ian Anderson, "The end of Aboriginal self-determination?" (2007), at pp.151-152,

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