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The Juukan sacred shite hoax

Destroys Albo’s UN conspiracy denials

Juukan represents an act of treasonist betrayal. The Juukan false flag operation was a UN ploy to close down our country so billionaire traitors could pick up the spoils of our collapse.

In front of the whole world, they lied to Australia

Australians are expected to believe Juukan is sacred in spite of the factual evidence:

  • It was not on a list of 16 sacred areas identified by local Aboriginal people; - It was never identified as a sacred site. After 17 years of negotiation. With $14 million provided to pay lawyers representing the Aboriginal corporation in the negotiation for the blasting of the Juukan site;

  • Aboriginal people removed Juukan items and they sat for years in a container in the hot sun. Although they could have easily claimed them, they did not. An external expert only considered items significant based on their age. Juukan items were mostly fossilised dung.

  • When it was too late to stop the blast: a fifth column UN insurgent, former Rio Tinto employee, and a proven liar distorting Aboriginal history declared Juukan sacred. After the rock was filled with hundreds of liquid explosives. She claimed she could not reach anyone at Rio earlier. However, she had just recently worked there. Yet no one in the big lie media or in the compromised political class questioned her. 1

Juukan false flag as a device for UN tyranny

In a shocking twist, Heather Builth, the Juukan UN agent provocateur, was a major inspiration for Bruce Pascoe's debunked work. The question is why our compromised political class of useful idiots didn't raise this when Heather Builth appeared at their inquiry into the Juukan Sacred Shite hoax?

Juukan as a device for UN tyranny

In the past, UN-ESCO used Builth's debunked work as a justification for UN interference. Builth also advocated that UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage be implemented by the UN to control Australia. Builth's dream of UN tyranny became a reality as the federal government demanded that UN model laws be enacted nationwide. 2

Section 12 of the West Australian Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 contains the UNESCO definition of intangible heritage. Intangible cultural heritage assertions cannot be verified by facts.3 The Australian people cannot protect themselves from this tyrannical law. Compounded by the fact, the legalisation itself is a result of a false flag operation based on provable lies. Under Paul Keating's Uniform Evidence Act of 1995, anyone claiming to be Aboriginal is immediately considered an expert witness on history and anthropology.4 As a result, Australians cannot defend themselves in court against fake claimers and phoney claims like the Juukan sacred shite hoax.

Their plan was to claim most of Australia as sacred to stop all development by using 300,000 fake claimer insurgents from the fifth column. To stop development. Farming. To turn Australia into a third-world country. To see the Australian people thrown into Ghetto Archipelago UN smart cities. So they can strip Australia of its assets. So billionaires can pick up the spoils of our collapse. 5

Government-funded pseudohistory is dangerous

The distortion of history has become a crime in many countries due to the fact that during World War II, pseudohistory was used as a weapon to manipulate events and to achieve political goals. As was the case with the Juukan Sacred Shite Hoax.

A compromised government funds the distortion of Australian history. The ruling class controls the arts, and the media industrial complex spreads big lies to control what we think. They even abused Aboriginal Australians who tried to stop the fifth column, fake claimer Bruce Pascoe's lies.6

Over the last 8,000 years, life expectancy throughout the world remained constant at around thirty. Then it more than doubled in less than 200 years, thanks in part to modern farming techniques that feed us and improve our health. As Pascoe spits our UN and WEF talking points down on Australians from his ivory tower of hypocrisy he wants to end this. Pascoe wants to dictate and control our lifestyles, telling us how to live. To build back better, to end meat production, to share dead kangaroos equitably, Pascoe demands we tear down the fences and end farming.

This is the UN criminal conspiracy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Using Aboriginal people as scapegoats was a device for dividing and conquering worldwide. Australians cannot trust a government that spreads treasonous malicious falsehoods about a Juukan sacred site hoax. To bring in the UN Sustainable Development, Agenda 21/2030, global control plot for neo-feudalism.7

Pascoe's correct on one thing. It's not communism. It's eco-imperialism. The axis powers 2.0. worldwide insurgency.

"The truth will fail them" Elder Tammy King.

As their sand castle of lies crumbles they face a tsunami of failure and disgust. Expose the traitors.

Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman