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The Royal/Soros global land grab plot

The Royal/Soros global land grab plot

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00:00:00 Glenn Beck  

Political analysts say the Shadow Party, even its built here, greatly resembles those he created in other countries before instigating a coup. 

00:00:08 Josephine Cashman 

Shadow party exposed the globalist George Soros's methods. 

00:00:15 Josephine Cashman 

Manipulative tactics. 

00:00:17 David Horowitz 

I wrote the. 

00:00:17 David Horowitz 

Book on Soros. 

00:00:18 David Horowitz 

It's called the shadow party with Richard Poe. 

00:00:22 David Horowitz 

Seven years ago I called him Lenin. 

00:00:26 David Horowitz 

Of the anti American left, he's a Jew hater and Israel hater, and an America hater. 

00:00:32 David Horowitz 

But what he's done is remarkable. 

00:00:34 David Horowitz 

He's it's not just his money. 

00:00:35 David Horowitz 

He's put together a coalition, a coalition that goes from street radicals to billionaires. 

00:00:42 Glenn Beck  

And the ultimate agenda of total control using global government. 

00:00:48 Glenn Beck 

This is a man who wants the world to be one global society Without Borders or individual governments, one global society. 

00:00:57 Glenn Beck 

And one global gatekeeper. 

00:01:01 Josephine Cashman 

Richard Poe, author, economic journalist, 30 years plus investigator of these globalist revolutions. 

00:01:11 Josephine Cashman 

Managed by Soros. 

00:01:13 Josephine Cashman 

For oligarchs who intend to dominate the. 

00:01:17 Jovan Hutton Pulitzer 

One quick question, just wondering in a way, are we still under the thumb of the Crown? 

00:01:22 Jovan Hutton Pulitzer 

Is the is the Crown part of this? 

00:01:24 Noor Bin Laden 

I think the crown is absolutely part of this. 

00:01:27 Noor Bin Laden 

I'll mention the work of my dear friend Richard Poe, who's been studying and researching so thoroughly. 

00:01:37 Noor Bin Laden 

This aspect of U.S. 

00:01:39 Noor Bin Laden 

history and US politics. 

00:01:41 Noor Bin Laden 

It would appear that the British Empire. 

00:01:44 Noor Bin Laden 

Never collapsed as they led us to believe it was simply rebranded and reconfigured to mean a financial empire, and I think. 

00:01:59 Noor Bin Laden 

The nervous system of the system. 

00:02:03 Noor Bin Laden 

Is in the City of London. 

00:02:05 Josephine Cashman 

Poe’s work uncovers how sorrows and other villains take the heat off the mastermind globalist oligarchs. 

00:02:14 Richard Poe 

As a distortion is. 

00:02:17 Richard Poe 

This kind of idea. 

00:02:19 Richard Poe 

There are these strange James Bond villain sort of people. 

00:02:24 Richard Poe 

These secluded multi billionaires, people like David Rockefeller, George Soros. 

00:02:32 Richard Poe 

I'm sure you could name half a dozen of these. 

00:02:35 Richard Poe 

Figures and that they're all sort of old white men gleefully rubbing their hands together. 

00:02:41 Richard Poe 

And meeting in places like Davos and the Bilderberg and. 

00:02:47 Richard Poe 

On one level, all that's true. 

00:02:49 Richard Poe 

Of course, there are such individuals and they do meet in such places, and I'm sure they even gleefully rub their hands together upon occasion. 

00:02:59 Richard Poe 

But I think there's also a psyop involved in putting these kinds of figures in front of us because. 

00:03:08 Richard Poe 

It cartoonize as the whole subject makes us feel. 

00:03:11 Richard Poe 

First of all, that there are only, there are certain individuals who are doing this somehow they're they're like as I said, James Bond, villains, people who live on an island somewhere with no connection to any state level power or any responsible government that we're familiar with. 

00:03:32 Richard Poe 

And this, I think is that the psyop part of it, it's the part of it that's meant to distract us from the fact that globalism is not an exotic, crazy idea that's being perpetrated by a few madmen. 

00:03:51 Richard Poe 

Operating in secret, globalism is something that's being done by our own governments, with our taxpayer money very largely. 

00:04:04 Richard Poe 

That's what I try to focus on, in a sense. 

00:04:07 Richard Poe 

I'm trying to look past the James Bond villain aspect of it and in a sense, look at the obvious. 

00:04:14 Josephine Cashman 

After two years with the Fox network, Glenn Becks making of the Puppet Master series. 

00:04:24 Josephine Cashman 

Was so excited. 

00:04:25 Josephine Cashman 

It was so explosive this show was cancelled. 

00:04:30 Tucker Carlson 

So when the history of cable news is written, assuming anyone bothers to write it, but if it ever is written, Glenn back will have his own chapter as possibly the greatest synthesizer of big ideas ever to appear on camera. 

00:04:46 Tucker Carlson 

And a lot of people made fun of Glenn Beck over the years for that. 

00:04:49 Tucker Carlson 

But if you go back and. 

00:04:50 Tucker Carlson 

Watch the tape. 

00:04:50 Tucker Carlson 

You will find out that maybe more than any other person on television, Glenn Beck got it right. 

00:04:56 Tucker Carlson 

Again and again and again. 

00:04:58 S Glenn Beck 

First of all, why is no one? 

00:05:01 Glenn Beck 

Looking into George Soros, why is this class warfare on everybody else except for George Soros? 

00:05:12 Richard Poe 

Glenn, I I would suspect that. 

00:05:15 Richard Poe 

What happened to you when you went after George Soros may have a lot to do with that because you, when you were on Fox News, went after George Soros more thoroughly and more definitively and giving a lot more details about. 

00:05:30 Richard Poe 

His covert operations overseas, which is the part of the story that is usually not told. 

00:05:36 Richard Poe 

It appears to me, and I think it probably appears to a lot of people in the media and out of the media, that you got punished for that now. 

00:05:44 Richard Poe 

Maybe that's not true, but that's how. 

00:05:44 Speaker 7 

Oh, no, no, no, I will tell. 

00:05:45 Richard Poe 

It looked from. 

00:05:46 Glenn Beck  

The outside. 

00:05:47 Glenn Beck 

Oh, I think I paid a huge. 

00:05:50 Glenn Beck 

Huge price for going after George Soros, but I ain't dead. 

00:05:57 Glenn Beck 

And quite honestly, I thought that. 

00:05:59 Glenn Beck 

Was an option. 

00:06:00 Josephine Cashman 

Glenn Beck interviewed Richard Poe, who foreshadows. 

00:06:05 Josephine Cashman 

That America. 

00:06:07 Josephine Cashman 

Was the next target. 

00:06:10 Glenn Beck 

Where George attended the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics, he moved to New York in 1956, became a U.S. citizen in 61 and the age of 39. He started what would become the quantum fund, which he would use to attack currencies all across the global. 

00:06:27 Glenn Beck 

Along with currencies, Soros also collapses regimes with his open society fund which was founded in 1979. Soros has helped fund the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic, the Orange Revolution, the Ukraine, the Rose Revolution in Georgia. He also helped engineer. 

00:06:47 Glenn Beck 

Coups in Slovakia, Croatia and Yugoslavia. 

00:06:50 Glenn Beck 

So what is his target now? 

00:06:53 Glenn Beck 

US, America. 

00:06:55 Josephine Cashman 

Based on the factual evidence. 

00:06:59 Josephine Cashman 

My research proves that this. 

00:07:03 Josephine Cashman 

Indigenous land title treachery. 

00:07:08 Josephine Cashman 

Is the device for a worldwide plot to. 

00:07:11 Josephine Cashman 

Steal the land. 

00:07:13 Josephine Cashman 

Poe confirms my findings. 

00:07:16 Richard Poe 

These ideas that are coming out from the World Economic Forum, from the UN, things like Agenda 21, the great reset. 

00:07:27 Richard Poe 

If you really stop and look. 

00:07:30 Richard Poe 

What lies behind it? 

00:07:32 Richard Poe 

What is the spirit that lies behind this? 

00:07:35 Richard Poe 

What is the? 

00:07:37 Richard Poe 

The kind of thinking that generates these ideas. 

00:07:41 Richard Poe 

This is in the psyche of European. 

00:07:45 Richard Poe 

Landed aristocracy. The idea. 

00:07:48 Richard Poe 

That there they are, the chosen few and everyone else is a serf. 

00:07:54 Richard Poe 

And if there's too many serfs. 

00:07:56 Richard Poe 

It's just annoying and something must be done. 

00:08:00 Richard Poe 

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