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The Old Empire wants us back in chains

The Old Empire wants us back in chains

UN-chain Australia

The British globalists, the Old Empire, the original colonisers created indigenous affairs as a device to take Australia as part of a global land grab plot.

This is complex, my intention is to help people see through the Big Lies behind the Voice/Treaty/Truth United Nations indigenous rights debate.

What we've got here is the biggest lie in modern history. 

Now we can see the truth behind “you'll own nothing and you'll be happy” Agenda 21/The World Economic Forum with King Charles III made the ambassador of the Great Reset.

This agenda is about returning to an aristocratic/oligarchic society with serfs owning no property.

The idea of global governance is openly discussed in Victorian England, from its conception the United Nations was always a British idea.

Queen Victoria’s grandfather George III was the monarch who sent convicts to Australia in chains. King Charles’s mother Queen Elizabeth II and his father Prince Phillip are the great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

Hitler said it's easier to sell a big lie than a small lie.

In 1988 King Charles III outlined this UN agenda which was later unveiled at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992,

Where the Keating government without the knowledge or the consent of the Australian people betrayed the nation and signed Agenda 21, the United Nations plan for sustainable development alongside the leaders of 178 of the world’s 196 countries.

Part of the rollout of Agenda 21 is Chapter 26 dedicated to a national indigenous voice (The Voice) and restoration (Truth/Treaty) a mechanism to steal Australian private property (homes), farms, national parks, crown land along with our vast natural resources.

King Charles and the Royal families role in world affairs is blacked out by the Big Lie Media captured by big money from British created tax havens.

They meddle in domestic politics using phoney activists, thinktanks,

militant not for profits, creating division to divide and conquer, using fear related to environmental concerns to undermine industries, the independence of nation states, scientific inquiry, history and they are using indigenous issues as a device to dismantle our private property rights for their global serfdom agenda.

New York Times best-selling authors Richard Poe and David Horowitz, the top conservative author in America in their book “The Shadow Party” exposed the globalist George Soros methods, manipulative tactics, and ultimate agenda of total control using global governance.

The Shadow Party outlines how infiltrators transformed societal, cultural and political institutions backed by Soros to undermine, demoralise and divide to destabilise nations for regime change.

Richard Poe, author, economic journalist, 30-year plus investigator of these globalist revolutions managed by Soros for oligarchs who intend to dominate the world explains that it is impossible for one person to coordinate this. Poe's work uncovers how Soros and other villains take the heat off the mastermind globalist oligarchs. Soros funds phoney activists acting alongside phoney leaders on the right and left of politics, gaining legitimacy for a globalist takeover.

After 2 years with the Fox Network Glenn Beck’s Making of the Puppet Master series was so explosive his show was cancelled.

Beck explains the international impact of Soros’s globalist revolutions:

Soros has helped fund the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Rose Revolution in Georgia. He also helped engineer coups in Slovakia, Croatia and Yugoslavia and others.

Glenn Beck interviewed Richard Poe who foreshadowed that America was the next target.

Based on the factual evidence, my research proves that this indigenous land title treachery is the device for a worldwide plot to steal the land. Poe confirms my findings.

In 1961 the World Wildlife Fund for Nature is founded by King Charles's father Prince Philip and the ex-Nazi SS leader, Prince Bernhard then in 1966 they established the Australian Conservation Foundation to push for Native Title in Australia.

In 1992 they were successful with Keating passing the Native Title Act through the Australian Parliament after consulting with only 5 phoney aboriginal leaders. This Communal native title system will cover up to 80% of the Australian landmass by 2030.

This is what the media does not want the world to know that the European oligarchs are behind this agenda to take our land.

In Africa, British intelligence operatives worked on a fake post-war ‘liberation’ seeing African nations given independence in name only, with the British Royals controlling their raw materials, funds and technology through offshore British banking havens and using Indigenous land title.

Africa is said to be the first test run of communal indigenous land title we see today through communal ownership of land in Australia under Native Title that will cover 80% of Australia by 2030 providing indigenous "owners" in name only and denying Aboriginal people the opportunity for private property rights (homeownership) and soon all Australians. After the 1967 Referendum, some of the British actors who set up this title in Africa established the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in Canberra.

Economists have proven that property rights are what separates the 1st World from the 3rd, this explains the managed decline of Aboriginal Australia, why Australians living in Aboriginal communities are in 3rd world conditions on the economic fringe. It is from a deliberate denial of 1st world rights under native title including the opportunity for homeownership.

This is the Empire 2.0. using ASTIC 2.0.

They are selling a big lie Voice/Treaty/Truth.

We have the Empire 2.0 with these globalist leaders controlling the left and the right rolling out their pre-scripted clowns for pre-planned conflict to get to a pre-planned outcome.

The shocking realisation is that these globalist controllers want to get us into third-world conditions. 

Australians can fight this when they know the enemies tactics which are divide and conquer, using black and white, creating confusion, distraction and demoralisation, so we don't know who the real enemy is.

They want to pull down our economy.

We can't understand why our political class works together, to pull us all down this is the hardest thing for people to understand.

That's what the Voice/Treaty/Truth is about a decades long process to take our private property rights and steal our natural resources using phoney leaders and the Native Title Act.

Where it gets confusing is that we have a uni-party in Canberra pushing opposing sides towards a pre-planned outcome. We can see this with both sides of politics now pushing the voice agenda.

In the 3rd world globalists bribe phoney leaders so they can steal the resources. It's easier for globalists to asset strip a third world country, they want an impoverished unstable society, which is why they want the Australian nation broken up into separate ‘First Nation’ states run by corrupt phoney Aboriginal leaders. 

They use their hand-selected actors as they did in the colonial days in India when they created separate states based on artificial borders. Now the British oligarchy want to cash in on their long term investment, with Soros threatening regime change this year:

The biggest aboriginal families in NSW are the descendants of convicts. This ‘Voice’, Empire 2.0 is a travesty they are trying to divide our families and our country. 

How dare they claim that people who came here in chains are the oppressors of aboriginal people. Many of these people were not petty crooks but were political prisoners objecting to the tyrannical empire, inspired by the American revolutionary war. Now, this is the Empire 2.0.

It's the lack of information which is allowing this confusion and anger and frustration to surface. So giving Australia information is key to rescuing the people.

Now we as a country and the world have to come together.

We need to see who is behind this. The medias role is hiding the truth and why they are so desperate to keep us in the dark of what their plan is for us.

On my Substack, I’ve years of research for people to see the truth.

If we don't have the facts we're very vulnerable.

Facts stop their greedy agenda.

So I encourage you to be vocal, to call out the Big Lie media to expose the traitors and their globalist plot.

The Old Empire wants us back in chains.

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