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00:00:00 Damien Richardson 

OK. Our first guest is our go to spokesperson for All Things The Voice. It is of course, Josephine Cashman. 

00:00:06 Damien Richardson 

She's a former Crown prosecutor, a lawyer and businesswoman with more than two decades of experience working towards economic progress for Aboriginal people in 2013 to 17, she was a member of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's Indigenous. 

00:00:20 Damien Richardson 

Advisory Council Josephine Cashman, welcome back to the. 

00:00:25 Josephine Cashman 

Well, thank you very much for having me. 

00:00:27 Damien Richardson 

Now just fine. You'll say. I've got these questions for you. And now I feel like I'm these. 

00:00:30 Damien Richardson 

Questions are gonna be. 

00:00:31 Damien Richardson 

Superfluous because it's gonna be quibbling around the edges as far as you're concerned, isn't it? 

00:00:36 Damien Richardson 

You wanna go for a deeper dive into what you see as the major issue where this Voice is just dividing us along racial lines, and that's actually its purpose. 

00:00:45 Damien Richardson 

It wants to achieve. 

00:00:47 Damien Richardson 

Ultimate power for the United Nations is that is this the case? 

00:00:51 Josephine Cashman 

Exactly. And I really appreciate that opportunity. This is a very complex area and thank you for giving me this opportunity. 

00:00:59 Josephine Cashman 

Again, my intention today is to is to explain to the Australian people, help them see through the Big Lie and discover the truth behind the Voice debate. 

00:01:11 Josephine Cashman 

It’s astonishing and it's happening because the. 

00:01:13 Josephine Cashman 

Big liar. Big liar media. 

00:01:16 Josephine Cashman 

Are not telling us the truth. 

00:01:18 Josephine Cashman 

You might, your listeners would know that Hitler said it's easier to sell a big lie than a small. 

00:01:26 Josephine Cashman 

And what we've got here is amongst the biggest lies in modern history, I personally haven't experienced racing in this country until I outed a fake Aboriginal. 

00:01:40 Josephine Cashman 

And what hypocrisy? 

00:01:43 Josephine Cashman 

What hypocrisy? I've never experienced any racism from the Australian people. Australian people are beautiful people. They're always here to help. Growing up, I could always rely on our neighbours. 

00:01:56 Josephine Cashman 

The big lies are to create division the. 

00:01:59 Josephine Cashman 

The classic. 

00:02:01 Josephine Cashman 

Divide and conquer tactic. They have black versus white, left versus right, green versus corporate. It goes on forever. 

00:02:11 Damien Richardson 

Man versus woman, I think they probably. 

00:02:13 Josephine Cashman 

Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. The big message about this debate shining the light on the facts is that the media is lying to us. 

00:02:13 Damien Richardson 

Started with that one. 

00:02:23 Josephine Cashman 

I see my calling as unveiling the betrayal in order to win the fight to keep Australia for Australians or to create Australia for Australians. 

00:02:34 Josephine Cashman 

People are confused. Yeah. So I think I think. 

00:02:34 Damien Richardson 

So Yep. 

00:02:36 Damien Richardson 

No, keep going. Yeah. 

00:02:38 Josephine Cashman 

I think you. 

00:02:38 Josephine Cashman 

Know a lot of the questions you ask are very poignant. 

00:02:41 Josephine Cashman 

People are confused because they know something's not right as the truth is hidden. They want us to turn on each other with for divide and conquer. The Voice is another. Yeah. 

00:02:49 Damien Richardson 

So what do you think about? Well, what about this nuanced position, though, that the Liberals have taken today where they're saying, OK, we would be supportive of this? 

00:02:57 Damien Richardson 

But because you can see they're reasoning OK, that we would grant the constitutional recognition of indigenous people having been here and we would legislate a Voice for regional and rural areas, which is gonna create a massive bureaucracy still. But it's short of enshrining that Voice. 

00:03:18 Damien Richardson 

In as part of the Constitution. 

00:03:21 Damien Richardson 

You can see that reasoning, can't you? But are you saying that's and they know that's spurious? 

00:03:24 Josephine Cashman 

No, I can't even see that reasoning because you know, I know that ATSIC was a complete disaster, and this is, you know, why would you repeat? Why would you repeat? Why would you repeat? 

00:03:35 Damien Richardson 

Well, that's absolutely this is. 

00:03:37 Damien Richardson 

Well, that's what that model is. That model is ATSIC 2.0, isn't it? Yeah. 

00:03:42 Josephine Cashman 

And and what people don't understand, this is part of the Big Lie media is that it was elders and Aboriginal people who put in so many complaints about ATSIC. 

00:03:50 Josephine Cashman 

Because they knew it wasn't achieving the things they desperately needed for their communities that closed ATSIC down. It wasn't the political class. 

00:03:58 Josephine Cashman 

They had bipartisan support forATSIC because there's a hidden agenda here and I'll reiterate the only time I felt racism in this country when I spoke out about Bruce Pascoe and when exposing the government. 

00:04:11 Josephine Cashman 

Funded a national liberal government funded phoney crook that was abusing children, they asked to speak to the Crime Commission and the Liberal national government tried to silence me. You have to ask yourself. 

00:04:24 Josephine Cashman 

Of what are they trying to hide now? It's good. They came both sides. 

00:04:27 Damien Richardson 

Who's in on it? Who's in it? 

00:04:29 Damien Richardson 

Just think. Well, well, but but. 

00:04:31 Damien Richardson 

But look at this. What? Like Bridget Archer and Andrew Bragg. 

00:04:34 Damien Richardson 

Liberal backbenchers are still going to promote the Voice, despite what the position that the leadership of the Liberal Party are taking. So clearly these people don't know their role in this, do they? They genuinely. 

00:04:46 Josephine Cashman 

Yes, I do. Yes, I do. 

00:04:48 Damien Richardson 

You think Bridget Archer and Andrew Bragg know that this is part of a globalist agenda? 

00:04:50 Josephine Cashman 

Well, I can tell you, yes, they do. I can tell you about Andrew Bragg, Andrew back I took to Kemp. 

00:05:01 Josephine Cashman 

Which I have Aboriginal relations there. It's the highest proportional Aboriginal population in the state of NSW, and he heard from Elder after Elder and I've got them videotaped. 

00:05:14 Josephine Cashman 

Who said we don't want the Voice? We want practical things. We want to own our own homes, which we're denied. He ignored them. 

00:05:22 Josephine Cashman 

After that visit, which is a. 

00:05:24 Josephine Cashman 

Up to try to get some reasoning into these people and and went ahead and wrote a book about the Uluru Voice he has. 

00:05:32 Josephine Cashman 

He has no interest. This is a guy who, before going into politics, sat on the Australian Financial Services Council who was put there, hand selected by globalist Turnbull, one of the biggest traders in Australia's history. 

00:05:46 Josephine Cashman 

So back to this. You know, you have to really, there's no doubt that this agenda is being driven by the Labor green globalist controlled government. But I wanna make it clear that the Liberal Party are part of this. They're both working together. 

00:06:02 Josephine Cashman 

And you know, to unpack this. I've spent years trying to understand why the Liberal government shut me down when I was trying to do my job and help Aboriginal people have a better life. 

00:06:14 Josephine Cashman 

They don't just want Aboriginal people in third world conditions. Our political class has been compromised and they want to get. 

00:06:22 Josephine Cashman 

All of us in. 

00:06:23 Josephine Cashman 

Third world conditions because the people behind this. 

00:06:28 Josephine Cashman 

People and you know, you gotta we gotta think about this logically. It is easier for the globalists to asset strip a third world country, which is why they want Australian nation broke up, broken up into separate First Nation states. The deputy head of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in the Liberal and the most. 

00:06:48 Josephine Cashman 

Recent liberal national government wrote a paper in 2006 about the about Aboriginal people being a fulcrum for the emerging world order, and it is clear. 

00:07:00 Josephine Cashman 

That race is the device to do it now, even though they've taken a no position. I wanna put the Liberal Party on notice that they are part of creating this system. 

00:07:11 Josephine Cashman 

The decline of Aboriginal communities, they are to blame and if they push aggressive, divisive agenda as part of the. 

00:07:20 Josephine Cashman 

No campaign, which they are starting to, I will make sure. 

00:07:24 Josephine Cashman 

Or I will make sure and they know I will that Australians become more aware than ever of their responsibility for this mess, for this pre planned conflict for this pre planned solution which is very, very, very akin to what? 

00:07:44 Josephine Cashman 

George UK actor George Soros has been doing all over the world. They create the conflict for their pre planned solution and that's how it is exactly rolling out in this country. 

00:07:54 Damien Richardson 

The Hegelian dialect. 

00:07:57 Damien Richardson 

Yeah. So you're saying Linda, Burney is in on this. She's not advocating for her people. She doesn't believe. Now I might disagree with her, but you're saying she doesn't even necessarily believe that she is advocating for the indigenous people of this country, but she's actually doing a double handed deal with with scoundrels like George Soros. 

00:08:17 Josephine Cashman 

Linda Burney is probably one of the poorest representation representations of an. 

00:08:22 Josephine Cashman 

Aboriginal woman they could. 

00:08:23 Josephine Cashman 

Get most of her. You know, monologues to camera. 

00:08:28 Josephine Cashman 

She sounds drunk. She sounds drunk. She is a disgrace. She wasn't even Aboriginal till she was 30 years old. After she attended teachers. 

00:08:37 Josephine Cashman 

College and there are question Mark. She's never lived in an aboriginal community. There are question marks, valid ones from the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council in Redfern, who've requested her to do a DNA comparison test with the people she claims to be related to in Cowra. And she since hasn't done. 

00:08:56 Josephine Cashman 

Everything she knows about Aboriginal affairs is from the. 

00:08:59 Josephine Cashman 

Far left of the. 

00:09:00 Josephine Cashman 

Labor Party, the same people responsible for taking away Aboriginal personal property rights in NSW when they had property held under a federation trust, which she, her mentor, Meredith Burgmann, Marcia Langton. 

00:09:16 Josephine Cashman 

Took that away from the NSW Kooris and set up. 

00:09:20 Josephine Cashman 

This corrupt Aboriginal Land Council system, which has a billion dollars in cash in their funds and can't even repair the homes for Aboriginal families who are living in third world conditions and they want all Australians in third world conditions, the people who've compromised, who behind Linda Burney. 

00:09:40 Josephine Cashman 

Are the same people who are asset stripping Africa. You've gotta look at Africa. It's gotta it's, you know it. 

00:09:46 Josephine Cashman 

Turned it. 

00:09:47 Josephine Cashman 

It exports $500 billion worth of natural resources, yet we've got 10 African states with. 

00:09:54 Josephine Cashman 

The with you know. 

00:09:56 Josephine Cashman 

Dedit that is more than 75% of what they turn over, because these globalists have stitched them up the same globalists have gotten away with it and they wanna try to do it. 

00:10:07 Josephine Cashman 

As to Australia, So what they're actually doing is in the third world, they bribe someone and they and then they get control. This is already happening in Aboriginal Australia. 

00:10:17 Josephine Cashman 

The Crime Commissioner said that, you know. 

00:10:20 Josephine Cashman 

You know, the Aboriginal industrial complex with global as established is run by organised crime. Why would you want? 

00:10:28 Josephine Cashman 

To even in. 

00:10:28 Josephine Cashman 

A legislative sense, cement organised crime to look, to have purview over our Parliament in any way. They've gotta get rid of the rot. You've got aboriginal. 

00:10:41 Josephine Cashman 

Academics have come out in this drain, saying out of 800,000 people who say they're Aboriginal, 300,300 thousand are fake. 

00:10:51 Josephine Cashman 

How's this going to work? This is why one of the messages I wanted to get across in this interview today is, you know, it's not about race. 

00:11:01 Josephine Cashman 

It's this race is a cover in order for us to get into these toxic debates and in order to win this. 

00:11:10 Josephine Cashman 

You know, the Australian people have to get have to get beneath these. 

00:11:15 Josephine Cashman 

Lies and come together as one. 

00:11:20 Damien Richardson 

Native title is like our civil rights myth. That image of Gough Whitlam, pouring that sand into Vincent Lingiari's hands is etched into the minds of every lovey across this nation. What you're asking them to do is almost going to be an impossibility, isn't it? 

00:11:41 Damien Richardson 

Put that aside and accept a different read. 

00:11:45 Josephine Cashman 

No, I think that the people, the true believers will get this because it was Rex. 

00:11:51 Josephine Cashman 

Connor, in the Whitlam Government, who wanted to buy Australia back? What traitor Keating did with the native title and with deregulating our economy? So it's. 

00:12:05 Josephine Cashman 

Open to looting of globalist crooks. 

00:12:07 Josephine Cashman 

Books. What? Why the real reason why they got rid of Whitlam is because he wanted to try to get our land back. 

00:12:14 Josephine Cashman 

He wanted and that's why they dismissed Whitlam because you know these oligarch globalists, they don't. They put in communist people into power. They don't care about the left or the right. 

00:12:27 Josephine Cashman 

They care about who they're going to asset strip next and Australia's on the cards, and they've been preparing this for a long time. 

00:12:36 Josephine Cashman 

I'll tell you the native, if people look at my sub stack, this idea of native title came from Kenya. 

00:12:43 Josephine Cashman 

Which the people who set that up came and set up Aboriginal affairs. It's A and then it's a UN communal title, which has seen the. 

00:12:53 Josephine Cashman 

Third world rates and their country assets stripped in perpetual poverty. They're facing massive starvation at the moment. Massive famines. 

00:13:03 Josephine Cashman 

They're gonna descend on them. 

00:13:04 Josephine Cashman 

And these globalists would love the black people dead. 

00:13:08 Josephine Cashman 

That is that. That's the truth. 



00:13:11 Damien Richardson 

Joseph, I'm gonna come straight back. You're listening to the Damien Richardson show. This is TNT radio. 


TNT Radio dot live. 

00:13:20 Damien Richardson 

There's a militancy that comes about, isn't there when people decide to invent a flag, but you could understand the indigenous want to have a flag although. 

00:13:30 Damien Richardson 

They have never united under a flag and it wasn't until 197172, where the Aboriginal flag came into existence, it's copyrighted. 

00:13:40 Damien Richardson 

And the Torres Strait Islander flag. 

00:13:41 Damien Richardson 

League was foisted upon us in 1992. 

00:13:46 Damien Richardson 

Well, this is the militancy, isn't it, ultimately? So they can unite behind the flag and it's it's the purposes of that flag is really to push. 

00:13:54 Damien Richardson 

A political Voice. 

00:13:56 Josephine Cashman 

Well, they're trying to divide our. 

00:13:58 Josephine Cashman 

Families. You know my son. 

00:14:02 Josephine Cashman 

Is related to probably everybody from. 

00:14:07 Josephine Cashman 

La Perouse to Eden and into Victoria he's last names Brown. It's one of the most common aboriginal names. They're all descendant of an English convict. 

00:14:20 Josephine Cashman 

I mean, you've got the black family making up all the South Coast who are descended of English conflicts. I mean, give us a break. This country. 

00:14:30 Josephine Cashman 

People came here, shipped in chains and they're trying to say that these people invaded the country. I mean, it's preposterous. 

00:14:38 Josephine Cashman 

It's the Empire 2.0. They want the everyday people to turn on each other so that they can create confusion, divide, demoralisation. You know, you've gotta think about it. 

00:14:50 Josephine Cashman 

Here it was. It was Scott Morrison who just decided unilaterally to change our national anthem. It was the West. It was Wesfarmers. 

00:14:59 Josephine Cashman 

Who ran the conservative think tank global think tank behind Jacinta and Warren Mundine who allowed his CEO to ban all the Australia Day 

00:15:09 Josephine Cashman 

You know, you know celebration people could buy their local Kmart and it was Woolworths who was gonna ban the Boomerang chicken wing until I said, hang on a minute. 

00:15:20 Josephine Cashman 

Boomerang isn't even an Aboriginal word that it they say it was invented by a convict. It was thought up by convicts. So you've got these corporate cartels 

00:15:26 Damien Richardson 


00:15:30 Josephine Cashman 

Bills and billionaires, in concert with fake, Phoney UK Soros activists, so people see all this and it the agenda is to make everything that we hold dear is to rip it from under our feet so that we start going, Oh my goodness. 

00:15:51 Josephine Cashman 

They give you all this money and you're disrespecting us when the reality is the same sort of tactics are being played out in Aboriginal communities and they're as confused as this Australian public. 

00:16:01 Damien Richardson 

So what's Morrison doing that that you talk about? He changed the national anthem from we are young and free to we are one and three. What? What's? 

00:16:10 Damien Richardson 

What's even the meaning? 

00:16:11 Damien Richardson 

Of that like, I mean it stands to be so. OK, so it's not we're not. 

00:16:15 Damien Richardson 

We're an old culture. We're trying to accept the 65,000 plus or whatever years of indigenous heritage to make it part of our own, which is by that slight shift of one word, is what? What's the point? 

00:16:28 Josephine Cashman 

Now it's designed to trigger. It's designed to trigger. It's a psychological operation. It's designed to trigger the Australian people. So we start imploding on each other. 

00:16:38 Josephine Cashman 

And the same thing was for psychological operation. Bruce Pascoe, who the Liberal government gave a massive award, massive amounts of money, including $22 million for this kangaroo grass, you know, huge amounts of money. The Liberal National government, because this is this is actually. 

00:16:39 Damien Richardson 


00:16:58 Josephine Cashman 

Unfortunately, our political class is compromised. It's very hard to come to terms with. I tried for a number of years to work it out and work with them, but there's no. 

00:17:09 Josephine Cashman 

Other logical conclusion, I mean, you've just gotta look at who is the lead proponent of the Voice. It's Mark Liebler, who's the number one tax dodger in Australia for corporate cartels for all these corporate cartels who pay no tax but get all the benefits of being in Australia and then they shove down the welcome to country. 

00:17:30 Josephine Cashman 

Nonsense, which was granted by John Howard, Mark Liebler, Pat Dodson, but it's set up to make black fellas who are living in third world conditions because of them. Syphoning the money that the good Australian pay. 

00:17:43 Josephine Cashman 

People good hearted. Australian people have given over a number of years and while they're syphoning while they're doing all this, they're asking for ridiculous and nonsensical Voice to Parliament. 

00:17:56 Josephine Cashman 

It's totally nonsensical because you don't you they. 

00:17:58 Josephine Cashman 

Don't even have. 

00:17:59 Josephine Cashman 

The proof that they've consulted with elders, the other thing is they, you know when they're promoting. 

00:18:04 Josephine Cashman 

People like Bruce Pascoe, how could she make it a reasonable argument that this is about Aboriginal

00:18:11 Damien Richardson 

OK, so here's a heated. 

00:18:12 Damien Richardson 

Hegelian dialectic. Let's just talk. 

00:18:13 Damien Richardson 

This through with an example so people can understand because I'm trying to understand it myself to some extent. 

00:18:19 Damien Richardson 

So we're gonna change in that national anthem, OK? 

00:18:22 Damien Richardson 

But everyone's going oh. 

00:18:23 Damien Richardson 

My God, how dare you, that group of. 

00:18:24 Damien Richardson 

People saying no, don't touch our anthem. 

00:18:27 Damien Richardson 

It's our anthem. They'll go. No, no, no. 

00:18:28 Damien Richardson 

Relax, relax. We're just gonna change it to 1:00 and 3:00, not young. 

00:18:31 Damien Richardson 

One ah, some people be at peace, but as you said there be a lot of. 

00:18:35 Damien Richardson 

People from the indigenous side and including lots of whites that are absolutely pro Voice, etcetera, going Oh my God, that just changed. 

00:18:42 Damien Richardson 

One word, big deal. 

00:18:43 Damien Richardson 

Who cares? We. 

00:18:44 Damien Richardson 

Need to get rid of that anthem and and just have an indigenous. 

00:18:47 Damien Richardson 

Anthem and a didgeridoo. 

00:18:48 Damien Richardson 

Playing and more the traditional Australians as in those people that came after 1788. 

00:18:56 Damien Richardson 

You know, how dare they even change our anthem at all? This is disgrace. This is just the beginning. That he's just gonna keep going. 

00:19:02 Damien Richardson 

And so then the government pops up with look. 

00:19:04 Damien Richardson 

Guys, let's relax, relax. 

00:19:05 Damien Richardson 

Everyone, calm down. Let's use this solution. Let's give the indigenous people a Voice. 

00:19:11 Josephine Cashman 

Yeah, problem, reaction, solution. But we've got we're heading into some very, very, very, very dangerous territory here. The government now has a dob in and a racist hotline which is being promoted by Nova Peris and others. So they're pushing Australians and rightly they're frustrated. 

00:19:32 Josephine Cashman 

Like Aboriginal people are fresh. 

00:19:33 Josephine Cashman 

Rather, what my message to the Australian people is look at my sub stack that the facts will set us free. 

00:19:41 Josephine Cashman 

Fight back with the facts. It really does affect them and try to focus rather than focusing on race, focus on the globalism aspect, because if we go down this race, they've already planned. 

00:19:54 Josephine Cashman 

To silence the dissidents, I can see using these techniques they're hyping up. 

00:20:00 Josephine Cashman 

The outrage, the confusion, the outrage that children getting hurt and et cetera to make people get frustrated say things because of frustration because they don't have the facts. 

00:20:13 Josephine Cashman 

But then they'll label them, silence them, silence the opposition to this really important the most important thing Australians have to be on the ball for to save our country. 

00:20:24 Josephine Cashman 

So my I would really like to ask this train people to take the time to. 

00:20:31 Josephine Cashman 

Get across the facts. 

00:20:33 Damien Richardson 

Josephine Cashman, thanks so much for coming on the show. 

00:20:37 Josephine Cashman 

Thank you very much. 

Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman Podcast
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