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Globalists designed the welcome to your own country ceremony

Globalists designed the welcome to your own country ceremony

To divide Australia for their hidden agenda


000:00:00 Jeremy Beck  

This is Jeremy Beck filling in for Mike Ryan on the Mike Ryan show. The Albanese government in Australia continues to steamroll ahead with its indigenous voice to parliament, but it is rightly coming up against some noteworthy opposition. Former Labor Party president Warren Mundine. 

00:00:20 Jeremy Beck  

Has discussed his opposition to the proposed indigenous voice and has made the point that indigenous people have had national voices since Whitlam. 

00:00:31 Jeremy Beck  

Such as ATSIC. 

00:00:32 Jeremy Beck  

But they've failed. So what is going on and why are we? 

00:00:37 Jeremy Beck  

Going through this all again. 

00:00:39 Jeremy Beck  

Josephine Cashman is a former Crown prosecutor, a lawyer and businesswoman with more than two decades of experience working towards economic progress for Aboriginal people. She was a member of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's Indigenous Advisory Council, welcome to TNT Radio Josephine. 

00:01:00 Josephine Cashman 

Oh, thank you for having me again. 

00:01:03 Jeremy Beck  

Hey, great to have you. 

00:01:04 Jeremy Beck  

On the show, so we've had. 

00:01:07 Jeremy Beck  

This constant propaganda in the mainstream media in Australia, pushing this indigenous voice as if it's going to help Aboriginal people but you and I know there is another side of the story which really gets mentioned. 

00:01:23 Jeremy Beck  

In the mainstream media, a little bit is coming out, perhaps on Sky News occasionally. 


But not. 

00:01:28 Jeremy Beck  

Much else, but at the moment so there is an organisation which I thought it would be good to discuss today a little bit about Reconciliation Australia and their plans, they call them Action Plans. So if you can just cover some of the these Action Plans and what is Reconciliation Australia. 

00:01:53 Josephine Cashman 

Yeah, it's very good thing that you've raised this because a lot of Australians are not aware. 

00:02:00 Josephine Cashman 

Of the organisational infrastructure. 

00:02:05 Josephine Cashman 

Which not only is pushing for an Uluru Voice for an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament. 

00:02:13 Josephine Cashman 

Which elders has not been consulted with adequately about, and many of them don't agree with it, but it's also pushing things such as the acknowledgment and Welcome to Country and pushing the fraudulent claim that Aboriginal people are “First Nations” 

00:02:33 Josephine Cashman 

Now Reconciliation Australia was established by the Howard government in 2001 with Senator Patrick Dodson and Mark Leibler.1

00:02:48 Josephine Cashman 

Who, despite having very little understanding of Aboriginal communities, seems to consistently be appointed on these Prime Ministers advisory councils. He has a lot of say and what they did is they developed these. 

00:03:08 Josephine Cashman 

This programme. 

00:03:10 Josephine Cashman 

For organisations and they're called Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP). Now we have 1000 / 1000 organisations. That is universities, that is government institutions. 

00:03:25 Josephine Cashman 

That is, corporations, corporate cartels particularly push them like Woolworths and Bunnings. And you know, you think that you have to think. Did they really care about Australians after the way they treated our dairy farmers? 

00:03:42 Josephine Cashman 

But no, they're pushing this Reconciliation Action Plan. Part of the Reconciliation Action Plan is that it is an, it's like a business plan that sets out over a number of years what an organisation will do to promote reconciliation. So that includes. 

00:04:03 Josephine Cashman 

Acknowledgements of country, celebrating Aboriginal days and you know, pushing for the Uluru Voice so. 

00:04:14 Josephine Cashman 

RAPs are really or Reconciliation Action Plans are really a mechanism to control organisational policy, to divide and control people. 

00:04:26 Josephine Cashman 

For their hidden agenda to take Australian private property rights. 

00:04:30 Josephine Cashman 

And to take our land. 

00:04:34 Jeremy Beck  

It's as soon as. 

00:04:34 Jeremy Beck  

Their agenda, and I've been looking at the Reconciliation Australia website 

00:04:39 Jeremy Beck  

Site and they claim that their Reconciliation Action Plans, quote, provide tangible and substantive benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, increasing economic equity and supporting First Nations self-determination. Clearly, that's not true. 

00:04:58 Josephine Cashman 

Yeah. Well, it sounds nice, you know, and I thought, wow, that's a great thing originally. I'll admit to you because I thought anything that lifts Aboriginal people from the economic fringes to the mainstream is a good thing. And President Nixon set up. 

00:05:17 Josephine Cashman 

The Minority Diversity Supply Council, which is used instead of. 

00:05:22 Josephine Cashman 

Putting welfare into welfare communities, they actually have preferential contracting and. 

00:05:29 Josephine Cashman 

All sorts of other things. 

00:05:30 Josephine Cashman 

But this but when you have. 

00:05:32 Josephine Cashman 

People like Bruce Pascoe are claiming to be Aboriginal. Who the establishment, the government. 

00:05:38 Josephine Cashman 

And the corporate cartels support. It's very difficult to actually see how these things can help any Australians. I see this as what you call gradualism, George Orwell, all well coined, the term catastrophic. 

00:05:57 Josephine Cashman 

Gradualism for a reason. This is very much like this is very much like CCP Chinese Communist Party tactics which they use gradual techniques forcing people in their workplace to take a social position. 

00:06:15 Josephine Cashman 

You know, and they're using big international organisations and big business to undermine the Australian people so that all their staff are in a situation where they have to listen to their staff, and they really don't have a choice but to comply with whatever agenda is being pushed. This agenda isn't about. 

00:06:37 Josephine Cashman 

Aboriginal people, it is a front. 

00:06:41 Josephine Cashman 

It is. 

00:06:41 Josephine Cashman 

A front and. 

00:06:42 Josephine Cashman 

It and it's interesting. Cause KPMG which is a partner. 

00:06:48 Josephine Cashman 

A WEF partner, World Economic Forum leader (WEF) partner. If you look at their RAP, you can Google it, KPMG, RAP and WEF. They use WEF metrics to measure their RAP.2

00:07:04 Josephine Cashman 

And they talk about stakeholder. This is all about stakeholder capitalism, the World Economic Forum, and using Aboriginal people as a cover. 

00:07:15 Josephine Cashman 

They're not even using the people because they really don't have the support of any Aboriginal community, they're not consulting with them. They've got these hand selected. 

00:07:24 Josephine Cashman 

People who they use or who they sort of roll out all the time. 

00:07:26 Jeremy Beck 

So this is KPMG. 

00:07:28 Jeremy Beck 

The using the Reconciliation Action Plans, aligning those with World Economic Forum goals. It does not surprise me really because I I've taken a lot of interest in KPMG and the other big auditors, KPMG, was one of these big firms that were pushing the cash ban here in Australia. 

00:07:49 Jeremy Beck 

And well, so were the big banks and pretty much all the globalists because they don't want cash. They don't want people having their own freedom. 

00:07:57 Jeremy Beck 

They want total population control to know where we spend our money, what we spend it on, what location we're at. This is just full on population control, isn't it? 

00:08:08 Josephine Cashman 

It is and it's using a minority issues. 

00:08:13 Josephine Cashman 

So if it wasn't Aboriginal, it might be disability or the environment, and I think it's, I find this contemptuous, it’s absolutely contemptuous. 

00:08:24 Josephine Cashman 

And then my concern also is that then they're they preplan these sort of debates now a lot of people don't realise. 

00:08:34 Josephine Cashman 

But it was Andrew Forrest who's in business with. 

00:08:37 Josephine Cashman 

Bill Gates.3

00:08:40 Josephine Cashman 

And this is right now with Bill Gates. He's got a partnership with Bill Gates for this for COVID, which is very alarming, developed the whole healthy welfare card (now called the Smart Card). Now, of course, nobody wants to see people getting bashed, especially not me. 

00:08:58 Josephine Cashman 

Because I don't spend the last 20 years of my adult life trying to solve these issues, but it's obvious that they've underfunded the police in Aboriginal communities since the 1970s. 

00:09:10 Josephine Cashman 

There's so much evidence about this, and myself have witnessed this, including being on the Prime Minister's Advisory Council when a former chief, rather, a police commissioner told me that the Commonwealth was holding 5% of their budget. 

00:09:29 Josephine Cashman 

But they've also used this stuff, they use it in tandem with bad social policy. 

00:09:38 Josephine Cashman 

So they're pushing this healthy welfare card, now in a temporary sense, it's great. But long term, when they just crash our economy. 

00:09:48 Josephine Cashman 

Which I hope they don't. What they're planning to do. You bet your bottom dollar everybody's gonna be on a healthy welfare card. This is another example. Everything malign in Australia at the moment, is coming through Aboriginal affairs. 

00:10:03 Jeremy Beck 

This is Jeremy Beck filling in for Mike Ryan on the Mike Ryan show and my guest is Josephine Cashman. 

00:10:10 Jeremy Beck 

So Josephine before the break, we were talking about how this world is really becoming into like a brave new world. There's scary stuff and KPMG, which is one of these organisations promoting supposedly. 

00:10:26 Jeremy Beck 

Some kind of a, a charity or something like that. That's going to help Aboriginal people or some action plan or whatever it might be. 

00:10:35 Jeremy Beck 

And at the same time they, they're also part of this agenda of a cashless society. It. 

00:10:41 Jeremy Beck 

Doesn't all add up, does it? 

00:10:45 Josephine Cashman 

Well, it does, but it's very it's, it's calculated and manipulative tactics and this whole idea of the it's, we're being attacked on a number of fronts. So they can't say to the Australian people. 

00:11:05 Josephine Cashman 

We wanna do this. We want a cashless society. So they push these things through. 

00:11:13 Josephine Cashman 

Signing up to international treaties with the UN and through the organisations, it's the same with. 

00:11:22 Josephine Cashman 

ESG's (Environmental, Social, and Governance)4 now interesting when you talk about Reconciliation Action Plans or RAPs, the same technique was used before the George Floyd BLM (Black Lives Matter) incident. 

00:11:38 Josephine Cashman 

All these corporations in America did whiteness training. Now these people do not care. 

00:11:48 Josephine Cashman 

One iota about Aboriginal people. In fact, the BLM movement in America. 

00:11:58 Josephine Cashman 

Attack more black businesses than anything else. This is about using the most vulnerable. Who in America they've done the same thing that they're calling to defund the police in these poor Democrat areas. The police had already been defunded. 

00:12:16 Josephine Cashman 

Police had already been defunded. These people claim everybody else is racist, where nothing could be further from the truth. They're the racists. 

00:12:26 Josephine Cashman 

They're the racists and you know, it's very troubling that we have not only this international organisation for UN and the WEF we've got. 

00:12:38 Josephine Cashman 

Global cartels attacking our farmers, attacking our way of life, changing our flag. 

00:12:46 Josephine Cashman 

That's, I mean, no wonder. And then what they want to have happen, as a result of all this of this attack, is for Australians to fight each other so they can use that as a deflection. 

00:13:00 Josephine Cashman 

That's why they're using all this, you know? Welcome to country. This isn't about Aboriginal people. This is about. 

00:13:06 Josephine Cashman 

Triggering people and you know, just and dividing our country. 

00:13:13 Jeremy Beck 

I hear you loud and clear and I think that word trigger is very important because the people behind this agenda, I'm sure that they understand human psychology very, very well and they want to trigger people, they want that rage reaction because that rage reaction will end up in violence. 

00:13:32 Jeremy Beck 

And then they'll say, oh, well, we need the government to save you and we're going to put in tighter controls and we're going to do this and that. 

00:13:40 Jeremy Beck 

And at the end. 

00:13:40 Jeremy Beck 

Of the day, it's exactly what they wanted in the 1st place, more control and they do want to trigger people. 

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