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A look at how crooks are rewarded


Jean-Sébastien Jacques discovered Tony Blair, George Soros and Sam Walsh’s proven corruption in Guinea Africa.1 Silencing him was one of the goals of the Juukan Sacred Shite hoax.2

There is an ongoing international police investigation into this.3 Yet Israel appoints Blair as the Gaza coordinator.

This should tell you everything about who is responsible for this war. Divide to conquer follows the British everywhere. As it did in this region after WW2. They create the problems for their pre-planned solutions. As they reward the crooks.4

Crook Sam Walsh received prestigious appointments while under this international police investigation. As a result, Walsh was given legitimacy as part of some criminal rewards program run by the UNi-party of Australia.

Walsh's criminal conduct continues to follow his government appointments. Causing the Perth Mint unprecedented bad press since he became chairman in 2019. Seeing our official bullion mint accused of sending fake gold overseas. This conduct discredits Australia. Even worse, outlaw motorcycle gangs have been accused of using it as a money laundering front. 5

Furthermore, under Walsh's chairmanship of the Arts Council of Australia, fake claimer Bruce Pascoe scooped up a Lifetime Achievement Award. For his pseudohistory and insurgent activities. Seeing yet another crook getting recompense.6

Under Walsh's government chairmanship, he received public legitimacy, which he used to maliciously attack whistleblower Jean-Sébastien Jacques. There have been many attacks on Jacques in the big lie media, but no one has ever questioned Walsh's refusal to appear before the Juukan sacred shite Parliamentary Inquiry.7

Or the obvious motivation behind attacking whistleblower Jacques.8 Or why hasn’t anyone pointed out that Sam Walsh authorised the destruction of Juukan in 2013.9

The Juukan treasonous sacred hoax lies were reinforced in the minds of the public with a phoney Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee. The Australian Labor Party, the Greens, and the Liberal National government have acted in concert with the big lie media to disseminate these malicious falsehoods.

The instigator of this was Scott Morrison. Like Tony Blair, it is a disgrace that Morrison appears to be acting as a Gaza hero standing in Isreal with his British co-offenders. Prime Minister Morrison’s chief of staff is the former Rio government relations director. There is no way they did not know Juukan was a false flag/hoax. They reward criminals as a device to cover up their crimes.

I wrote to every federal politician to express my concerns. Willful blindness is not a valid defence.10

I understand how crooks operate. They would be dobbing on each other. Politicians have even implicated themselves on social media. Of all places. The urge to respond on social media is both a sign of panic as well as desperation. By doing this they have taken a very ill-advised impulsive path. To destroy any protection against prosecution under parliamentary privilege.11

It was a sure sign that the rats were jumping ship and trying to escape the repercussions of their actions. The political class are self-interested. To avoid jail time, they would have gone straight to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to negotiate the best deal possible.

We know our political class has been blackmailed into silence. We have identified the perpetrators and we know why they did it. Those being blackmailed must immediately report everything they know to the AFP.12

Every Australian has a role to play in opening our eyes to the lies. To untangle ourselves from the spider web (spinnennetz) of insurgents paid to kill the nation. So their billionaire handlers can reap the rewards of our collapse.

As the truth will set us free. Expose the traitors.


They act on behalf of the British Royal handlers. Big Rio Tinto shareholders. See Richard Poe’s receipts here:


In March, the US Securities Exchange Commission fined Rio for their conduct. See further here:


See more about Pascoe and his involvement in Juukan:


More about how they have compromised our ‘leaders’:


See here for a detailed analysis of the Juukan hoax:

Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman