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A look at Ruling Class Terrorism


As horrible as it seems, this kind of hypocrisy can only be displayed by a repulsive psychopath. Such as the phoney Green King who condemns civilian terror attacks in Israel while simultaneously aiding and abetting the spread of the ideological subversion that caused them.

We see constant signs of extremism and fear around the world, yet they are failing because we are opening our eyes to the lies of the ruling class. They intend to divide the people to conquer for their UN agenda.

This includes the worldwide scapegoating of indigenous people:1 after 20 years of searching for the reason for Aboriginal Australia's managed decline, utilising extensive interviews with Aboriginal Australians, and accumulating more than 100,000 words of UN-deniable factual evidence;2 we UN-veiled the British ruling class plot using 300,000 5th column fake claimer insurgents and hand-selected Judas goats in Australia as the device.3 Part of the wider criminal conspiracy to use Aboriginal people as scapegoats for an international agenda of UN land grabs.4 For neo-feudalism ruling class/UN global governance agenda.5

This evil ideology of scapegoating extends to blaming Jews for globalism. When the British invented modern globalism as identified and proven by Richard Poe 30 years plus, an expert investigator of globalism.6

In almost 20,000 words in length, NYT best-selling author Poe cites historical facts of the British creating the Elders of Zion lies. The Brits set up the Jews as the scapegoat for inventing communism. When it was the British behind it.7

Our next criminal conspiracy UN-veils the Brits being behind global terrorism. It has never been revealed to everyday people that Britain has a long history of colluding with extremist movements.8

Terrorism and Wahhabism are intertwined. It is claimed that Wahhabism is a British divide-and-conquer device designed to destroy Islam. There is no doubt that a British conspiracy was aimed at corrupting Islam via Wahhabism. In British spy Hempher's memoirs, he describes his time as a Middle Eastern agent. Hempher says he was a key figure in establishing Wahhabism.

Wahhabism is the root of al-Qaeda, Salafi jihadism, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and ISIS. Those who don't share its beliefs are viewed as subhumans who should be slaughtered. In 1928, Wahhabism led to the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood, which became an influential global network from which Hamas emerged. The Darul Islam movement in Indonesia has also been aided covertly by Britain. In the Bali bombings of 2002, 202 people (88 Australians) were killed by a splinter group of Darul Islam.

With his purported knowledge of Islam, Charles III cannot claim ignorance of Wahhabism. Several of the most powerful funders spreading Wahhabi ideology to orchestrate terrorism are board members of King Charles III's Oxford Center for Islamic Studies.9

Despite promising to protect the subjects, Charles places them in grave danger. Although local Muslim leaders pleaded with Charles not to build these Wahhabism terrorism centres in the 1980s. He led the construction of mosques funded to spread Wahhabism infrastructure to support terrorists.10

It is almost as if ruling class Charles celebrates those who kill us. His wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles was attended by two Saudis accused of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks.11

The ruling class has betrayed the people, so we will speak out. To UN-veil the money laundering financing of international terrorism through offshore British tax havens. Our voices will not be silenced.12

Today, the Green King announced that he was giving his UK intelligence agencies more power as a device to prevent the truth from coming out. The ambassador for the Great Reset, the Green King, the patron of MI6, MI5, GCHQ, or anybody else doing the ruling class's bidding, cannot silence the voice of the people.

We will fight together not each other. We will come together as one. To expose the traitors.


See how the Old Empire is using Indigenous to put us back in chains:


For more information see: Mark Curtis, Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam, Serpent's Tail, 2018,,at%20maintaining%20in%20power%20or; 2 of 2 audiobooks found here:


Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Prince Turki bin Faisal.

Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman