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UN Mega-Fires

The UN-human agenda to burn us into submission

There is a lot of devastation from these UN mega-fires.

They are using it as a device to bring their UN death cult policies upon the world. They create the problems for their pre-planned solutions.

In the 1800s, wildfires diminished rapidly in size and frequency.1 Then, UN policies were incorporated into law, making protecting our families, land, and animals illegal.

The most significant decline in human life protection began in Australia in 1992 when we fully incorporated Rio Earth Summit Forest Principles2 into our National Forest Policy Statement.3

The UN's influence over a compromised political class4 around the world resulted in a greater number of people being exposed to UN mega fires which destroy everything in its path.5 UN bushfire agenda has resulted in the destruction of thousands of homes, businesses, livestock, native vegetation, and animals.6

When we examine the actors involved, it becomes clear that's exactly what they're trying to accomplish. One of these UN actors/frontmen is David Foreman, an eco-terrorist and anti-property rights activist. Who believes humans have become a disease? Foreman calls us "the Humanpox." He has been an advocate for rewilding since the 1970s, which led directly to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.7

The UN wants to transform 50% of North America into untouched wilderness that is forbidden to humans as part of its rewilding plan. With 25% of the land remaining, the population will be relocated into 'sustainable' communities designated by the UN. Our land is gradually and stealthily converted to conform to this agenda over decades. This has been accomplished through land confiscation, conservation easements, regulations and laws.8

State and national parks have been locked up since the UN Convention on Biological Diversity,9 and they have become breeding grounds for pests and weeds. These parks are a fire torrent waiting to happen. They are a threat to human life, private property, livestock, and farms. In the event of a hot fire, our wildlife cannot escape and will be wiped out.10 They would rather sabotage us blaming it all on their climate change pseudoscience. Or worse, will they use the problems they created as the device to herd us into a 'sustainable' ghetto archipelago of smart cities?11

We need to hold these people accountable for the damage they have caused and stop them from managing our decline worldwide.


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The situation we are in with a compromised political class is hard to come to terms with & caused by blackmail:


The device for the Federal Government entering into a rash of UN Treaties since the 1980s is an erroneous broadening of s51(xxix) 'external affairs power' in the Australian Constitution has allowed our compromised Federal government to enter into a rash of international treaties/plans for global governance; To implementation of global governance policies including smart cities, Agenda 2030, The United nations sustainable development goals, Net zero, UN Build back better/Sendai framework (, UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Entered without consulting Australian people.


Viv Forbes, Bushfires in Australia – Two Choices A submission to The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements:


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“Under the Wildlands Project, the United States would be transformed from a land where people can live where they choose and travel freely, to a Wildlands dominated landscape where people live in designated population centers with limited travel allowed through highly restricted corridors. The Wildlands Project is the master plan for both the United Nations’ Agenda 21 (Agenda 2030) and Biodiversity Treaty.  In classic socialist utopian idealism, Agenda 21 defines how every human being must live in order to save mother earth. The Wildlands Project represents a grandiose design to transform at least half the land area of the continental United States into an immense “eco-park” cleansed of modern industry and private property.” Dr Michael Coffman, How Private Property In America Is Being Abolished - The Wildlands Project, Taking Liberty,


Hazard reduction is such a matter of instinctive common sense it seems incomprehensible anyone would oppose it. But a hard core of influential environmental activists do, claiming it is a "scorched earth policy" and clouding the debate with bogus science and an ideology which holds all human intervention is intrinsically bad.

“Most of the 438 submissions received by the inquiry are about hazard reduction, the systematic removal of ground fuel by controlled burning in winter months, which doesn't prevent bushfires, but keeps them small and cool so they can be managed by local volunteer firefighters. The inquiry has heard that a fourfold increase in ground fuel leads to a 13-fold increase in the heat generated by the fire.

In Canberra on January 18, three fires converged, creating a monster measured by the CSIRO at 1000 degrees and producing 100,000kW per metre of energy, so intense it created a tornado that uprooted trees and ripped the roofs off houses. All the Elvis helicopters in the world can't put out such a fire.”

Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman
Josephine Cashman