I can't breathe: UN subversion suffocating Australians

A look at the eco-imperial roots of sustainable development

According to the author of the best-selling book “Green Tyranny: Exposing the Totalitarian Roots of the Climate Industrial Complex” virtually every theme you see in the modern environmental movement was developed by the Nazis.1

I appreciate the fact that you might believe such policies come from the far left, but it is not true. This has been Marxist propaganda for years. As a device to hide the worldwide UN green insurgency.

My position may be disagreeable with the big lie media. However, Australians do not care about what they think. They have betrayed us. Tried to distract us. Used divide-and-conquer tactics. We are coming to terms with the fact that they are little more than propagandists for the ruling class determined to hide the truth.

A tyrannical green ruling class: history repeats itself

Before the German economy crashed, 40% of Nazi Party members came from ruling-class families.2

Behind all divisive ideological movements, communism, nazism/environmentalism, is the ruling class's agenda for neo-feudalism. They will only be happy when they own everything.3

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Sustainable development

In Australia, sustainable development is the government's obsession. I was extremely concerned In my review of the Nazi roots of sustainable development. A good government would not have introduced an eco-imperialist (Nazi) inspired policy framework. As the overarching direction for Australia.4

Yet this is what has happened. I know this is confronting. However, the factual evidence is UN-deniable. The truth will set us free.

The National Socialist German Workers Party was the first government to introduce sustainable development into planning, policy, and law. Sustainable development concerns were guiding everything. Nazis even devised a war plan based on sustainable development concerns.

The Federal Government is obsessed with sustainable development. It dominates everything in Australia today. Have they gone crazy? Does the ruling class compromise them to the point that they cannot think for themselves? Are they forgetting how many Australians lost their lives fighting the Axis powers? This is UN-Australian.

Now this model of German socialist policies from the UN is causing mega-fires. As part of their Sustainable Development control Agenda 21/2030 to burn us into submission.5

Despite the UN's assertion that the Nazis were evil, Nazi environmentalism is seen as good by the UN. It should be remembered that Nazi Germany was far and above the greenest regime in the world by 1935. Eco-fascism happened. It is a historical fact and not an abstract concept.

We can't breathe

In the 1930s, sustainable development became a cult of ecology under National Socialism. This was especially true in Nazi forestry, which was based on the social engineering of the environment rather than private property ownership.

Sustainable forestry practices were introduced by the National Socialist German Workers' Party.6 We incorporated the 92 Rio Sustainable Development Forest principles into our National Forest Policy statement.7

As a result of incorporating UN policy into Australian law, the bush is a UN-mega fire waiting to happen. Making it illegal to protect farms, livestock and human beings. 

This was not always the case, hunter-gatherers used fire to reduce risks. Our pioneers and farmers improved upon this practice. From the 1800s, wildfires diminished rapidly in size and frequency.8

Once upon a time, Australia's bush was a bustling centre of economic activity. Loggers invested in forest growth and management, along with the fur industry dealing with feral pests, all of which had a significant positive impact on the economy. Now due to the actions of these green tyrants, local fire management, timber production, and the fur trade have been halted. Consequently, feral pests have begun to kill our native animals and as a result of an internationally coordinated strategy by the United Nations, we are being burned into submission.9

From this UN interference, Australians living in and near bushland are unable to obtain insurance or are paying a fortune for it. They are trying to squeeze all Australians into the ghetto archipelago of UN Smart Cities that the Liberal-National coalition government signed us up for in 2016. This is part of an international strategic plan.10

For Agenda 2030, to bring in neo-feudalism. This was the same ‘New Order’ Axis powers sustainable development plan our ancestors fought against in WW2.11

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Green brainwashing

The Third Reich exploited propaganda in a more diabolical and effective manner than anyone in history. Using a climate hoax that would have impressed Joseph Goebbels, green alarmists continue to brainwash the public.

As for the subversive environmental nutter camp, they are promoting a rerun of Nazi eco-imperialism. While on the one hand, they claim that the Nazis were evil racists, on the other they have adopted all the language and policies from this regime.

Those who oppose this green genocide are being labelled as far-right, which is a form of psychological projection. This agenda is being pushed by disgusting psychopaths to divide, conquer and confuse us, deploying tactics that are meant to hide the historical and tyrannical roots of this agenda.12

These repulsive green psychopaths twist the truth with pseudohistory and pseudoscience, just like the Nazis did.

Yet again, it is no coincidence that as far as the Nazi Party was concerned, the majority of its members were Greens. Nazi leadership championed renewable energy with fervour. The leading forefather of the climate hoax was Guenther Schwab (1902-2006) an Austrian Nazi.13

His 1958 fictional book sparked the climate hoax pseudoscience myth. That carbon dioxide levels would continue to rise, leading to climate change. This included the lies of thawing of polar ice, rising ocean levels, and flooding of continents due to the climate hoax.

Schwab established an international environmental organisation thanks to his fictions meteoric rise. Schwab's organisation led to the establishment of the German Green Party in 1980.14

Don’t blame innocent Australians who believed these climate hoax lies. Highly manipulative actors who perform within the big lie media circus. Is designed to divide people. It takes time for people to come to terms with betrayal. They’ll get there with compassion.

Australians love their country

Although they say otherwise, we have a lot in common. The love of our families drives us, as well as our desire to give back to our country. We all cherish the land and want to protect it.

More than 50% of the cure lies in the identification of the cause. We are almost there. The rest of the effort will be focused on exposing the traitors and rolling out the solution to the problem. That has caused us so much pain over the years. The great news is the answer is you. Saying RIP to the UN. Giving the control of Australia back to its rightful owners: to my people, the Australian people.

Our victory is evident as we fight our enemies together, just like our ancestors did in war. Now their sand castle of lies crumbles. A wave of disgust greets them.

Expose the traitors.


“Indeed, the extremely popular Nazi slogan “blood and soil” essentially meant sustainable development. The presumption was that German blood, native to its own soil, would properly develop the fatherland apart from the corrupting influences of the global economy purportedly run by Jews in both Western capitalism and international communism, where the virtues of industry and industrial economy were everywhere extolled as evidence of humanistic progress – values which the Nazis loathed. Green Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger propounded an authentic Aryan technology that would be healthy and limited by the natural soil in which it was indigenously developed. Such a sustainable technology would prevent it from spinning out of control into a superficial global homogenization alien to local populations.” https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/04/the_long_green_nazi_shadow_over_albert_speer_jr.html


The New Order (German: Neuordnung) was the political term used in World War II by the Axis Powers: Nazi Germany, the Kingdom of Italy, and the Empire of Japan; by fascist leaders Hitler, Mussolini, Pétain, and Hirohito. The New Order was a plan to impose fascist political and economic organisation, on the geographic areas they conquered; centralising it; under a global New Order. The concept of global governance through sustainable development is not new. Hitler and his allies wanted global supremacy under a framework called the "new order", which prioritised sustainable development. In 2015, Julie Bishop announced the Australian Government's support for Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Australians will be forced to live in dystopian smart city green enclave digital correctional facilities by 2030 under this plan. National, state, and local governments are monitored by the UN surveillance authority for progress on the UN Smart Cities green ghetto digital prisons initiative, see the control plan here: https://www.local2030.org/library/60/SDG-Goal-11-Monitoring-Framework-A-guide-to-assist-national-and-local-governments-to-monitor-and-report-on-SDG-goal-11-indicators.pdf


“In the 1930s, National Socialism spawned the ecological cult of sustainable development. This was particularly true with regard to Nazi sustainable forestry practices, environmental social engineering over private property, and the concept of spatial planning over entire landscapes. While environmental historians often use Hitler’s Four Year economic war plan from 1936-40 to demonstrate the Nazis were not all that green, they have failed, perhaps willfully so, to grasp that it was precisely the tension between green Nazism and Nazi racism that helped usher into the Third Reich what is otherwise known today as sustainable development.” https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/04/the_long_green_nazi_shadow_over_albert_speer_jr.html; https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2013/10/lindbergh_nazism_and_environmental_fascism.html; https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2012/04/the_green_nazi_tycoon_alfred_toepfer.html


See, Liz Burke, This is what a 30-minute city really looks like, News.com.au, https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/australian-economy/this-is-what-a-30minute-city-really-looks-like/news-story/1d476b55db79c35eb428dc3358ba7632, 1 May 2016; Australian Government, Smart Cities Plan, 2016 https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/sites/default/files/migrated/cities/smart-cities/plan/files/Smart_Cities_Plan.pdf, describes this concept as “30-minute cities” see page 15, “The idea is to plan for cities where residents can access employment, schools, shopping, services and recreational facilities within 30 minutes of home.” In Victoria “20-minute Neighbourhoods” https://www.planning.vic.gov.au/policy-and-strategy/planning-for-melbourne/plan-melbourne/20-minute-neighbourhood; United Nations Climate Change, The 15 Minute City, 26 Feb 2021 https://unfccc.int/blog/the-15-minute-city; Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization, Agile Cities Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, The World Economic Forum, https://www3.weforum.org/docs/WP_Global_Future_Council_Cities_Urbanization_report_2018.pdf, see also https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/03/15-minute-city-stickiness/; United Nations, A Guide To Assist National and Local Governments to Monitor and Report On SDG Goal 11+ Indicators, https://www.local2030.org/library/60/SDG-Goal-11-Monitoring-Framework-A-guide-to-assist-national-and-local-governments-to-monitor-and-report-on-SDG-goal-11-indicators.pdf


Our men were tortured and killed fighting the Axis powers. Having all these Nazis come here after WW2 is a disgusting abomination. Why are Operation MatchBox Nazi records being stored in Kew England? The Australian people have a right to access them to ensure this never happens again. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/aug/17/iantraynor


Schwab joined the advisory panel of "The Society of Biological Anthropology, Eugenics and Behavior Research." He believed that to stop environmental degradation humans had to be culled. Based on their phoney racial tiers a human worth scale. On the Eastern Front in World War II, Schwab's Nazi party's eugenics was combined with eco-imperialism resulting in devastation. Green Nazi psychopathy was intertwined with pseudohistory, green mysticism and was underpinned by English Darwin eugenics. Where a racial hierarchy of human worth serves as the basis for human culling to purify the environment. For a detailed analysis see here: http://rmarkmusser.com/green-nazi

Josephine Cashman