One of the ways that the legal Voice will extend beyond our shores into the international arena is via Justin Mohamed who in March 2023 was appointed Ambassador for First Nation People (Australia). His position as ambassador includes international engagements including working with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. The issues here directly relate to economic and political power, i.e., reparations and sovereignty. Of concern is the UN goal SDG16

The United Nations claims that the purpose of Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG16) is to

“Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.”

The term ‘sustainable’ with distinct environmental overtones is misleading. UN aim of ‘justice’ means that rather than being part of Australian governance for the delusion of a strong separate Aboriginal race, they will instead be linked directly with the U.N. who has stated an aim of global governing control.

In its 2013 exploration of the Post-2015 Development Agenda (Agenda 2030), the UN said:

Partnership can promote a more effective, coherent, representative and accountable global governance regime. A global governance regime, under the auspices of the UN, will have to ensure that the global commons will be preserved for future generations.

The UN calls itself a “global governance regime”, meaning having authority to seize control of everything (“the global commons”), including humans, both by enforcing its Charter—citing its misnamed “Human Rights” declaration—and by fulfilling its “Sustainable Development” agenda.

This means that the role of each national government is merely to “translate” global governance into national policy.

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Brought to you by the same Malthusian globalist monopoly capitalist psychopaths that gave you a fake pandemic and fake anthropogenic climate change

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This is what I have been seeing last few years, thank you so much for pulling this all together ... I'm about to share this article many times... Great work Josephine

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You haven't looked into who owns the Royals if you think the Brits are behind this nd not the Jews, who are literal parasites. Rothschild owns the fake Royals.

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Being awake is exhausting. There is so much going on.

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Amazing work. Thanks!

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"

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The Useless Nations can kick rocks. If any of these indigenous peoples had been any good at combat, they'd still own their land. The fact that colonialist drove them off, just shows that they didn't deserve it.

To the strong go the spoils.

To the victor go the spoils.

To those who can defend themselves go the spoils.

Those who are weak, get blown away like chaff

Those who are weak, get removed from history.

This is going to be uber-ironic when the US falls into disarray and DC implodes.

Those who can't control their own destinies die

Those who put their faith in fiat governments will die when their source of money falls apart.

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This has been going on in Canada for some time. Twenty-five years of "negotiations" resulted in UNDRIP, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples being made law, after first just being an "aspirational" document in 2011. Justin Trudeau's Liberal party government created an UNDRIP Act in Canada and Bill C-15 made it law in June 2021. No doubt this is a formidable UN tool for their Agendas, 2030 and beyond:

"On June 21, 2021, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act received royal assent in Canada. It declares that the laws of Canada will be made consistent with UNDRIP. It affirms UNDRIP as an important source for interpreting Canadian law. And it sets out timelines for the government to create and implement an action plan “to achieve the objectives of the Declaration.”

In a joint statement, Justice Minister David Lametti and Minister of Crown‐Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Carolyn Bennett called this a “critical step in recognizing, promoting, protecting and upholding the human rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.” They said: “It […] will help forge stronger relationships and support the path of self‐determination for First Nations, Inuit and Métis.”

More here: https://humanrights.ca/story/the-united-nations-declaration-on-the-rights-of-indigenous-peoples

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Thank you for providing such insightful Australian history lessons. Brilliant movie and tv series material. The mute media and doormat governments have much to answer for. You may find this article to be of interest. I certainly do. https://thefreeonline.com/2023/10/12/putin-leads-world-majority-away-from-shwabs-global-elites-plans-to-hijack-power-in-worldwide-coup/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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Everyone needs to learn the long history of the global Occult who control the UN and have now managed to get control of most political parties.

See the banned book by Eustace Mullins the American man who was persecuted for decades due to the power of truth.


Effectively the satanists Rothschilds and Co are ruling the world via the global Masonic/Zionism Cabal for what will prove to be a short time.

Excellent information is available at former religious jew Dr Henry Makow henrymakow.com

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In the United States, we recognize certain sovereignty of tribal governments in Native Country. That’s been codified in our government for over 80 years. Recognizing tribal predecessors irritates the interests of pro-assimilation. They do enough to promote native identity erasure. However, yelling “globalist” does not make a pro-assimilation nationalist suddenly a Western native affairs advocate. Global government wants the land, just like, the colonial predecessors who now claim they are native to the continued deprecation of land entitlements of indigenous fellows.

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Canada are trying to alter 5heir constitution for similar reasons right now

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