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Right on the money, make no bones about it, some of those in the so called "Freedom movement" in this country are working for the other side. I have gotten involved in various ways, in various groups that are supposedly aligned to "Freedom" since 2020 a good many are not what they claim. Often they spread agitprop which many fall for and forward that message on, this is then latched onto by MSM and quickly labeled as anti vaccs or conspiracy theories. I have called quite a few of their leadership out and when I do, the response is instant and it becomes very clear the individual is not a "Freedom" supporter but a useful idiot. It irritates them so badly when they get hit, the facade collapses and they can be seen for what they are.

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their all part of a club which a lot of weak minded people(soulless) are willing to step into as a junior showmen. but its a getting made process. Soon after they find themselves advancing after saying such things as " I would do whatever it takes to level up"( stalk, gang stalk, pre-stalk, lie, abuse family, attack associate members to stay compliant or worse)...Their the type of people who see glittering money and would take it from anyone like mafia, The feel and think they are blessed with such blessings as if it was GOD ordained. They feel righteous/virtuous on destroy broken peoples lives( who see, and try to warn people about them) with their brokenness turned against them. They screech victimhood when confounded by those they cannot control. as they are trained to deceive from the stage. They teach falsely that if people don't honor which is code for worship-me(satanists also practice this), you can cast them a side and treat them like a rotten Potatoe unworthy of life - refugees or NDIS clients with PTSD. Fiona Barnett, tried to open our eyes as you do as well Josephine....

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We remain unwavering in the pursuit of justice.

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i know first hand from my time on a property near Brewarrina NSW that 'speed' was being handed out to the Koori people in that area for free; this was 1999-2000;

i was befriended by a local elders son whom used to come to the property i worked and lived on to collect 'gidgi' timber for making boomerangs; i won't use his name here;

anyway, i attended a party at Brewarrina RSL one night; i had been sober for just over a year at the time so i was not drinking, nor did i partake in any drugs offered to me; i was invited to the party by the elders son; from memory, there would of been no more than 10 of us 'gubbas' there; i did some work at a local Koori Lore Camp helping the fellas so i was 'respected' by a few at the party;

as i sat at the table with (name with-held) he offered me some 'speed'..he said i was too quiet and that some 'speed' would loosen me up a bit; i declined but he still pulled a huge bag of the stuff from his pants; when i say huge, i mean there must of been at least half a kilo of the stuff; i knew it was worth way more than (with-held) could ever afford which prompted me to ask him "where the f did ya get all that from"?...

again, i wont go into the details of what he told me on here but he assured me that he "paid whatever i have in my pocket"; he also told me that this 'transaction' happened once a month and told me not to say anything as if his father found out, "he would lock me up";

i doubt that the father is still alive as he was quite old but the son probably is....if he wasn't killed by the injections to save Grandma....

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