We are now starting to see the cracks. People are waking up to the game.

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Thanks Josephine a well written piece that hits the nail on the head. I feel every Australian wants only the best for our First Nation's ppl, but getting caught up in the deceit of the fake corporation and debt slavery system is not going to be the kind of recognition they need be a part of.

I hope everyone reads and shares your important message so that all Australians can work in unity and be saved from the UN and corporate government parasites.

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Over the past 30 years, Australian taxpayers have seen $490 billion of their hard-earned tax dollars shoveller into Aboriginal Affairs.

What is there to show for nearly half a trillion dollars?

It seems the answer to that question is 'nothing', Because I can't see any meaningful change or improvement.

What I can see is a lot of partial-aboriginals living in cities have become quite wealthy from it, while the lot of real aborigines has remained the same.

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Ac / Josephine I would love you to go on Maria zee podcast I have been sharing as much of what your saying to people you are very informative and I wish we had more people like you

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I love your work

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